Sunday Best

Lookie look! A Sunday update! Most undoubtedly a sign of the end times.

…and speaking of then end times, I got up for early church today. Yesterday the crack of 9, today before 7. I hurt, people! I did get to take two splendid naps though but still getting up before noon on a weekend twice was quite a shock to the system. I yawned through most of the service too, not because it was boring but because it was still many hours before noon.

I then went to a baby shower for TheRCK (given to her by her sister in law’s mother in law. How’s that for complicated!) and all I have to say is they are much more in touch with the Lord than I am and they are very happy to share. I got me a double dose of God today. Hallelujah! It was a very nice shower though, no stupid games, everyone got little favors (soap, hand cream, that sort of thing) and a grab bag. The food was amazing too, very nicely done. The woman sets a pretty table (praise be to god). I also did not get a grab bag of inspirational book marks or little book of devotions so I was well pleased with that (I got little butterfly note card things). Not that I have anything against God people, but I had already gotten up at the insane hour of 6:30 and done the God thing. Been there done that…probably going straight to hell for that last paragraph.

The Tea Report

Day two: DIRT! I watered the flared bowl this evening, however I think I over watered it because I was in my jammies (which also look remarkably like my birthday suit) and did not realize the kitchen window was open. Whoops. So I was all hunkered down below the sink and trying to water the plant at the same time. Water is good for tea right? Right!

We had the first cook out of the season today. Mom and Dad Q wanted to have an eats thing with the whole clan, but sis couldn’t make it. Rob and Joanna came over though, so it was sort of a wedding party get together anyway. Rob is one of the best dudes. We had burgers, brats, beer and cracked open a wedding wine to share. We also popped the tail gate down for the buffet table and I gotta say a truck is a beautiful thing. Tail gate cook outs rock.

I’m going to bed now. See ya on the flip side.

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