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Just a heads up to all you booniverse readers: TheMan is so delighted with WordPress that he is planning on migrating the booniverse over in January. I told him that he can get me a blog migration for my birthday. Heh. He was pretty keen about that (bonus! Easy peasy!) until I told him that I’d like the JSFR separated out and set up as its own thing (not as easy peasy, apparently). Yes, you read right. When the booniverse moves, the JSFR will be cut loose and become an entity all unto itself.

Why does this feel like the set up for some cheesy horror movie?

You JSFR junkies need not worry, I’ll still update the JSFR as (in)frequently as I do now and WordPress should offer some better (faster, stronger!) features for the review. As I understand it, WordPress does multiple categories (unlike MovableType which says you can do multiples but hasn’t cross listed anything I’ve multipled so….) which means that a solo JSFR blog can have a ratings category, a what-is-it category and probably many other ones I haven’t yet thought of. Mainly, I’m pretty psyched about being able to have a category so that you Junkies can list the reviews by pea rating as well as by name and by type (like Pocky or Pretz or Mochi…). Plus, you hardcore JSF junkies won’t have to go to the booniverse or wade through the entire review to get the newest snack review (although it makes me sad that you don’t stop by the booniverse and visit. *sniff*).

Actually, the hardcore JSF junkies aren’t going to be reading this are they? Well I’ll post some notes and whatnot closer to the migration date. After all, I don’t want to be responsible for any JSF withdrawal drama.

Booniverse on the Moove! Soon with enabled comments!

Today was my last proctoring beak stint and I remembered a book! No picto post for you. On the other hand, the Zombies got a little festive last night so expect some seasonal fun from them. I think I’m going to bring them up north and see what they do there. Crazy Zmobies. Hrrrmmmm, there might still be a few Zmobies in the Christmas tree from last night’s lurching debauchery. I’ll have to remember to collect them as well when I pack up the whole lot.

Up North! Do we have all our presents? Hrrrmmmmm…I *think* so. I haven’t made a present head count yet but I’m pretty sure we’ve at least got everything in the house. Assembled and wrapped is a different story. I ought to have a talk with the presents and see where we stand ‘cuz I sure as shootin’ don’t want to be out this Saturday or Christmas eve picking up one last whatever. We’ve been heading out after work to get a few odds and Christmas ends and let me tell you – it’s CRAZY out there. I was at Borders browsing for a couple things and you could almost taste the press of humanity. It doesn’t taste good at all. Blech. Plus, unless you read Danielle Steele or Michael Crichton (both names Word recognizes btw) you’re pretty much out of luck. TheMan has been looking for a couple months to find a Susan Henry (I think that’s the name) novel he hasn’t read and it’s been a wash every time. I’m pretty sure she has a few that he hasn’t eyeballed but do they carry them? Nooooo-ooooo. Well have you ever heard of Susan Henry? Then why carry her? Oh they have her latest one or two but anything else is a special order.

I don’t want to special order my books, I want to browse the store and find them. *pout*. I did go up to information and bother them about a certain issue I am having with a thing-it-thing. Yeah, like that tells you anything but it has to do with a cool idea I had and I don’t want to spill the beans yet. Anyway, I’ve been curious about this thing-it-thing for a long, loooong time but they don’t have it. Again. (actually, nobody does and that makes me puzzled. Talk to me after Christmas and I’ll let you in on more details). I was also looking at some other things, which they didn’t have (again) but they told me “Oh! The downtown store has more stock than we do.”

OH! Right. The downtown store. Store one. The main store. The store I can walk to from work. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Duhhhhhhhh. It’s true, the downtown store has a much better selection but I guess I was in the here and now of Christmas shopping. The season can do that to a person. I might take a mosey over there but I might not as I really have all the presents on my list (mostly).

Must. Learn. To. Stop. Christmas. Shopping.

Baking. The rum balls were really well received as were the Split Levels. Huzzah! TheMan has the recipes posted over at his blog if you want to take a look see. Of course I still have the makings for baklava in my fridge (I ought to do something with that before the holidays descend on us for good) and I have to make a dessert for the big Christmas get together up by Grandma Minnie’s. So, can I get away with making baklava for Christmas dinner dessert or should I be more traditional and make a gingerbread cake (or whatever. I’m leaning toward gingerbread cake though so I can also have lemon brandy sauce. MmmmMmmmm, lemon brandy sauce)? The baklava ought to be made but a Bundt (a name Word does NOT recognize) cake gingerbread extravaganza with lemon brandy sauce is festive. Hmmmmm. I’m going to give it more thinks…maybe I’ll bring both.

Yeah, I think that’s all for me today. Tune in tomorrow as the December Challenge continues.

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