Five Days Later

Allllllllright, it’s time to send out the gnommie.

Wednesday was not a day in which LunarGeography’s head exploded but that’s because she took enough head anti-splody meds to kill a horse. Poor horse. Both she and Badmovie came over for dinner and stuff, which we most smartly did. I had picked up some Jeannie-O pre-made turkey burgers in both original turkey and extra added onion and garlic. By the way, extra onion and garlic rocks. We had baked taters with fixins (because I also brought fixins) and turkey burgers and it was indeed a fine meal. Badmovie and LunarGeography brought over some cheddar Triscuits and dollar store gingersnaps, both of which were very tasty.

But not tasty in the way the bag of Evil was that I picked up from Hiller’s. Merry Rot Your Teeth Out Christmas season! The Triscuits were like the delicious love child of an Utz cheese ball and a Triscuit, which is an exceedingly tasty thing indeed. It’s also an exceedingly fatty thing; they have nearly one gram of fat per cracker. One gram! Per cracker! I could eat a stick of butter and be healthier I think, but butter isn’t nearly as delicious. The dollar store gingersnaps were very bitey with the ginger goodness and hey! A real steel for a dollar. The Evil is gone.

After gorging ourselves, LunarGeography and I retired to the computer room and fired up some WoW (the game). I went through a brief “this-is-the-character-generation-these-are-the-characters-these-are- the-classes-this-is-this-and-that-is-that” crash Warcraft course and we loaded up TheMan’s tiny gnome warrior and headed out. I took along my higher level druid, LunarGeography piloted the gnome through a quest and killed shit. We called it good.

The boys, in the meantime had fired up the TV. We could hear them laughing and doing some general TV boogering and then I heard “Wait…wait…take that back. Did that make any sense to you?” Now normally, one might not notice such a statement if one does not normally live in a Smithee infested house. To LunarGeography and I, however, it sounded an awful lot like the finding of a “What?!?” in a Smithee movie. Then when we heard “What’s the time on that Overkill?” we knew that they had settled into a Smithee movie. Five days ago we were running the MegaMeta3 show and Wednesday? ANOTHER MOVIE!

Those two are hardcore, folks. Hardcore.

On the other hand, it was a Leslie Nielsen martial arts flick which was written all deadly serious like so…yeah. It had to be watched. LunarGeography and I came in at the very end where the poor man’s Charles Bronson/Robert Urich cross was about to find/capture/whatever Nielson’s character. He did, they have a fight and Triangle won. Sucks to be that ending. OK, there wasn’t a Triangle but the ending went roughly like this:

Bron-rich: Come back to the super soldier program.
Nielson: Over my dead body.
Bron-rich: OK
Nielson: Nobody can win this, I give up. Kill me.
Bron-rich: OK.
Nielson: Hey! My lover isn’t dead like I thought she was! I’m gonna be though. Suck! glargle.
Bron-rich: OK super soldier CEO guys, Nielson’s dead, that sucks, I hate you and I’m not taking the super soldier serum anymore. I’m going to walk off into a fade to black and credits but five minutes after that, I’ll go homicidal and kill everything. Or implode. Super soldier serum withdrawal sucks.

Apparently, there are two good overkills in there as well. I would guess so with two fighting super soldiers (of doom) on opposite sides. Or something. I will say that there is not enough rum in this world to kill off the synaptic space which has a picture permanently burned into it of a half naked Nielson. AIEEEE!

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