Japanese Snack Food Review: Fruits Pretz


Hee! Fruits Pretz? I guess that just means there is more than one fruit in there right? Plus pea points for the Hee! Fruits.

Notice the Pretz run though? And notice the addition of another sweet Pretz to the Holy Three of Sweetness? Damn, now I can’t have a triumvirate of Sweetie Pretz cuz there are officially four now.

Alright then, quardafecta. I’m good with that.

By the way, Fruits Pretz (hee) have the rounded stick shape rather than the flatted stick shape so we’re two and two with the flat versus round sweet stick phenomena. I have no idea if that means anything, but Hokkaido and Fruits = round while Maple and Yam = flat. Discuss.

Fruits Pretz (because I am going to take every chance I can to type out Fruits since it makes me laugh) smells sweet, wheaty and mildly berry-rific. It’s one of those smells that creeps up into your sinuses and sorta sits around for a while until you can almost taste it, but it’s not a smell that would tell you exactly what sort of fruits are up there. The ingredients list a couple different fruits (apple, raisin, fig) but darned if I can pick one of those out of either the smell or the taste. It was all rather quietly generic fruitsesque for both. One of my Guinea Pigs though they tasted like wheaty Pretz that had snuggled up to a fruit roll up (for indeed, they do have that rather generic fruity taste one finds in a roll up) or maybe they were simply a victim of a drive by fruiting.

The wheaty stick, however, was nicely robust like the outer wrapping of a fig newton. Would that just be the newton then? Anyway, I thought it was an interesting observation given that fig is one of the fruits present in the Pretz. All of the Pigs agreed that Fruits Pretz were munchable but not uniquely stellar, somewhat fruitish (not one of them mentioned apple, raisin or fig; the only fruits listed in the ingredients), wheaty and sweet. They seemed to like them but not be enthused by them so I’m going to give Fruits Pretz a 2.75 pea rating for decent wheat, sweet and meh fruits plus an extra 0.25 pea for Fruits (hee) for a grand total rating of


of 3 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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