The Q-Family Traveling Christmas Show

It’s the traditional going north picto-blog! Starting with our dreary brown Christmas. Merry Christmas y’all, it looks like poo out. Wheee.

Here’s that flag that hangs out somewhat north of Saginaw. I missed a really cool shot of the Zilwaukee bridge although I had about five minutes to get one. Instead, I sat in the car and thought to myself, “Well huh! The bridge is awfully far over to the right there…the highway’s going to have to make a serious bend in order to get to it.” We kept driving, the bridge kept being way off to our right to the point that we’d either have to make a 270 to go over it or we weren’t going to be going over it at all. Apparently, we crossed the river in Saginaw and were on the other side already. Also, apparently, the river is much thinner in town because I sure as heck ought to have remembered crossing a span of river the length of the Zilwaukee bridge. Long short, no cool bridge pic for you.

Here’s some dorkiness though. Wheee! This is TheMan’s shot as he was riding shotgun. We drove up with DQ, which saved us some money and driving wear but it also meant I didn’t get a lot of cool shots. I was the back seat guy all the way up. Me and the chocolate cake.

Just before Westbranch we hit some fearsome snow. This would have been a cause for celebration if we weren’t trying to pull off at the rest stop (I had to pee) or driving. We wound up ditching the rest stop plans as the ramp was solid ice and already had one nasty accident on it.

Twenty minutes later (and just after the last Westbranch exit) the snow cleared up. ARRRGH! I tried to get a shot of the smilie water tower but it hid behind the only pine tree for miles remotely big enough to obscure it.

And then it hid behind some trees…

…then it hid in some trees…

…until I finally got the shot I was looking for. HA! Can’t find any trees big enough to hide behind at this angle can you? HA!

We stopped at Audie’s for lunch. MmmMMmmmm! It’s good eating if you’re driving through this way.

Your obligatory bridge shot. I think I might have taken this one from the parking lot in Audie’s. All the other shots I got from the passenger side were sort of boring since stuff went by so fast. Zoom! Zoomzoomzoom!

This sign was on the UP side of the bridge. Heh. Pond hockey.

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