Walking In A Picto-Wonderland

Sidewalk wisdom found scattered about Marquette. Wiser minds say the slabs were stamped during a TB (or whatever) outbreak, but I think it’s because spit freezes before it hits the ground and THEY didn’t want multitudes of spit marble falling accidents.

Us female Qs decided to go on a hike today for exercise, fresh air and to burn off the three zillion sugar units we’ve consumed so far this Christmas season. Of course I took the camera so I can post another lazy entry full of pictures and not a lot of reading. Enjoi!

We walked down to the shore where I saw this pretty little sand spit wandering out to the island there and I thought to myself, “Woah, hey! Sandbar. I don’t remember that.” As it turns out, the lake is really low so no, there never has been a sand bar connecting the two islands when I’ve seen them. There is now. And they keep talking about draining the Great Lakes because Arizona doesn’t have enough water. Wah wah YOU LIVE IN A DESERT, MORONS!. That’s the reason you don’t have any water, now shut it or move. GAH!!

I like the look of the rocks and sandbar though.

DQ sez this is one of the most photographed lighthouses on the upper lakes. I…err…didn’t realize it was a lighthouse when I snapped the pic…I just thought it was a cool red house on a hill. Errrr-I mean, Look at the Cool lighthouse I totally photographed!

Then we swung by the marina which had ice! Lookie look, ICE! Sadly, it isn’t so very cold up here (I was fine with my jacket, woobie and gloves) and there is only a little bit of drifted blowy snow and small piles of melting snow blobs from when where it was shoveled earlier this year.

TV 6 was even out doing one of those human interest reports about ‘What people are doing for fun without snow!’ (we think). I’ll tell you what this boo was doing for fun in the snowless UP…taking pot shot pics of TV guys wondering what we’re doing for fun in the snowless UP. Heh. DORK!

Buuut then I got bored and decided to scramble down to the marina break wall to see if there were any ArtSAY shots to be taken. I thought there were so I did. Here’s one of a little ice dooger, the rocks and more ice.

The next shot I originally took long ways (rocks on the left side) with the camera but when I rotated it the pic looked really weird to me. The it started to look weird flat ways (rocks on the bottom) so I asked the Qs what they thought. We’re split as to the best presentation of this shot:

Better like this?

Or better like this?

So I included both ways so you can choose for yourself which one is the best orientation. Ahhh…then you can just ignore the other picture I suppose. Onward!

Here’s a monument whatsit to…MIA soldiers? Maybe, I think, but the cool thing about this pic is the rock. Well that and the houses in the background, which I thought came out rather keen.

The cool thing CU: Hematite stripes! Have you ever seen a vein of hematite like this? I’ve always seen it as lumps of rock rather than stripy veins in rock. CoooOOooool!

Here’s the welcome wagon for the Marquette Children’s Museum. Come on in, little kids…CHOMP! Muahahahahaha!

If that isn’t nightmare fuel…I present to you A! Giant! Rabbit! Ahhhhhh, run for your lives! Actually, this fella is the Bunny Bread mascot. Those of you in the UP know I’m sure are quite familiar with him.

We finished our walk at the Co-op where we bought some goodies that we didn’t want to haul back home, so we called for a ride. Hey, we’d been out for 3.5 miles, we needed supplies.

MomQ models the beer. It’s Sierra Nevada Holiday Special in case you were wondering. We have no idea what type of beer it is, other than Holiday and Special but we plan to crack into it and find out soon.

And here is DQ with our back up chips. These we know are tasty just in case the Holiday Special isn’t so much.

I’ve run out of pics so I suppose I’ve run out of entry. See you tomorrow for something maybe a little more meaty. Until then I leave you with this:

Watch out Ansel!

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