Good Grief! What Day Is It?

I…have no idea. This must mean that we have achieved total slackerdom; the fact that none of us is really sure what day it is. Perfect!

The traveling Christmas Show has finally come to rest in the UP. There is still no snow (*pout*) and there is still chocolate cake. Both truths are really rather a bummer. The lack of snow bummage is sort of a no brainer as it just doesn’t seem like the UP without a foot or two of snow. The chocolate cake is a personal crank bummage because I was asked to bring a dessert to Christmas in Saginaw (Traveling Christmas Show stop number three) which I mulled over for about for a week. I mulled so long that it was almost Christmas day and I had to make do with what I had…which was nine bazillion box cake mixes (hello Kroger 10 for 10!). But I had 2 double dark devil’s food chocolate cake of doom and a Bundt cake pan (always festive) so I cracked them open and made a serious chocolate Bundt cake. I even timed the baking just right so it was deliciously moist and I artfully drizzled it with white frosting (contrasty!) not to mention that the cake was still stylishly Bundt. You want to know how many people of the 20+ that were there had any? Maybe four. I kept trying to make people take cake home with them but no. They were full of apple pie and pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie, all which made an appearance because the hostess felt like there needed to be more desserts. Or something. Anyway, I came in with a full chocolate Bundt cake and I left with 3/4 of a chocolate Bundt cake.

It really sucks when your dessert is the one nobody really cracks into.

On the other hand, the Qs have some chocolate tequila and maple nut ice cream that goes exceedingly well with the scads of leftover chocolate cake. Take THAT you Christmas revelers that wouldn’t eat my cake. Tequila and maple nut a la mode chocolate cake is the BOMB and you ain’t getting ANY OF IT!

Merry Freekin Christmas. Humbug.

I was contemplating yet another picto-blog showing all my fat loots that I got (yay fat loots!) but I forgot to get any pics of the loot from my mumses’ house. Boo no fat loot pics. However, it would seem weird to post a picto-loot in January when we reconnect with said loots so I’ll just give a highlight tour of the scoop.

BAG! I got a nice craft bag that will mostly fit all of a project. Huzzah! I expect it will fit all of crochet project number two if I make a concerted effort to stuff it in the bag (after all, all the yarn and the project done up to that point fit in the bag), but I haven’t done that yet. My bag is pretty awesomely cool with the pocketage and the flaps and storage area though. Very boss. The man got a silly little pasta cooker deelie, a bitchin’ battery Skill saw and also some swank cutting boards (huzzah!). Plus we got a bread maker. WHEEE! I am a-twitter to see how that works out. Tasty home made bread!

The Qs got us a squirrel be gone bird feeder (thanks DQ) which should keep the little buggers from eating all the seeds. We also got a keen grill light for the grill and a nifty blender. I also got the world’s best softest socks in a multitude of different colors. I’ve been randomly grabbing a pair and wearing the sock color du jour proudly. And warmly. Despite there being no snow, it’s still rather chilly up north. Eh.

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