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The Proctor’s Notes!


I am very tired. Looks like today’s proctoring is a laptop exam. I would so fail on of those. I type about 30 words a minute. I can’t help it, someone keeps switching my keys around. No really! I’ll be typing along and I will realize I need a Q or U or V or whatever and it just isn’t there. Then whoever took it puts it back because after hunting all over I finally find it right in front. Totally wasn’t there before.

If I make it through the day I’ll be amazed.

Oooo, I’m going on a Mac hunt! So there are…50 students and what NO Macs? I see 5 HP things, 3 viao’s, Umm…is Dell the one with the black case, silver button and 1/2 moon looking accent? There are 5 of those and 3 ones with a silver 1/2 circle accent 1/2 moon looking thing. Hey, I have a pen!

Computer art for the day. Maybe they are IT supplied computers? Who knows.

I forgot the Tea at home so no update until later.

Hey, DQ moves the rest of her stuff out today. I’ll have room to organize my stuff w/0 worrying about when she will get her stuff over to her house.


I need to move my stuff over. Maybe tonight we can get some stuff from the condo.

OK, I’m bored.

I’m also sitting next to a 1/2 bagel w/cream cheese. Maybe it will be my friend! Bah! I think it has raisins. Raisins are evil. I could stab it w/my pen though. Hmmmm.

I brought in donuts and a coconut cream pie today for KC’s birthday. Which was on the 24th. Whoops. We forgot.

Urgh, today was a rough day for coming into work. I’d much rather have stayed home and lazed with with TheMan. It’s beautiful out there and not so much in here. Spring, I hope, has finally gotten here but it’s making me more BAZOO than normal.

OH! I just read the proctor info. Get this: “Please keep an eye out for Apple laptops. They are identified by the Apple symbol centered on the outside of the laptop case and cannot be used to take laptop exams.” BASTARDS!

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