It was like the weather finally snapped out of its reverie and said to itself “Woah! It’s December. I ought to get to snowing.” And so it did, pretty much all day. MomQ and I got on our warmies (hat AND scarf, thankyouverymuch) and trekked downtown to get some bread pudding, exercise, stop in some shops and to generally get out of the house. We only meandered about two miles this trip out but it was two miles fraught with the peril of one of us (yeah, hi) potentially slipping hinder over tea kettle. Did you know Marquette is awfully darned hilly? It certainly is. I stayed upright by some miracle not of my own deserving (we won’t go into the whole shoe tying versus not shoe tying debate but suffice to say, I took a chance and went the lazy way) and we had a pretty good meander.

Oh! Which reminds me, the bread pudding…not the lazy no tying of the shoes, we ate at a Cajun restaurant on…ahhh…well one of these past days. It’s all a happy lazy vacation blur. Anyway, Cajun. I guess this Louisiana bred fella opened up a Cajun place called Lagniappe in Marquette about a year ago. Does Lagniappe sound like a cross between an Italian dish and some sort of lung malady to you? No? Ok then. The restaurant hasn’t yet had its grand opening as they just got their liquor license despite being open for quite a while beforehand. I have no idea what that’s all about but it is. It probably also means they can serve their bread pudding legally now ‘cuz that Jack Daniel’s sauce that comes with it? Woah! And also tres yum.

The food is also quite outstanding so if you are making a trek to Marquette I highly suggest you stop in for a bite. I know, I know, Cajun in the Queen City of the North but hey. Sometimes these places pop up, you know? We had the something-or-other in bow tie pasta, the chicken Orleans, Red beans and rice and a risotto cheese fish dish and we can recommend any and all of them. Oh! The sides are fabulously delish and quite big too. Yay jambalaya!

To shift gears and to also make this an official SAST, the activity here at the Q house up north is pretty lacking. We’ve been out walking about twice since we got here but we have certainly stuffed our faces with several more walk’s worth of Christmas goodies. Oh there is fudge and nuts and brittle and cookies and more cookies (and still a piece of chocolate cake. Any takers?) and pumpkin bread and nibblies and…the list goes on. If I fit in the pants I wore down here it will be one of the modern wonders of the world. I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions but I just might see about maybe scheduling a little more moving around in my day.

OK, don’t tell anybody but I do have a New Year’s resolution this year. I aim to spend more quality cat time with the Weirdoes. There it is, simple and to the point and pretty easy to accomplish. I figure I’ll spend some cat scritchie time with them in the mornings while I think about how I really don’t want to get out of bed and maybe in the evenings too. We’ll see if that helps calm the crazy Isaak. If not that, then maybe the new bird feeder will keep them occupied. Cat TV!

Speaking of birdfeeders, here’s a puzzle pic for y’all: Count the backyard feeders at the Q’s house! (Hey, I told you: SAST)

One thing I have been doing up north of north is working on crocheting project number two. My goal is two rows a day and so far I’m pretty golden on that. I think I might have crocheter’s elbow though…or maybe I’m sleeping on it wrong because ow. *sniff* Can you even hyper extend an elbow crocheting? How silly is that going to look when I’m all elbow crippled and I have to tell people I was in a terrible crocheting accident when they ask about it. Ahhh yes, I remember that horrifying day like it was yesterday. It was the blanket of ought six that did me in. Let that be a warning to you whippersnappers.

My poor elbow-bogen.

Lastly, this is the final real entry for the December challenge of 2006. The 30th and the 31st are both weekend days and, traditionally(ish), the weekends have been dedicated to JSFRs. There is no exception this year (I even have two lined up already) so see you on the flip side. Happy Happy!

I leave you with an artsy snow pic. Enjoi.

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