Japanese Snack Food Review: Roast Pretz


It’s a Pretz Hat Trick…or whatever. Anyway, here are, I think, the plain Pretz or at least as close to plain as one is likely to get (until they come out with Pretz – no subtitle. Once upon a time, I do believe they packaged something called simply Pretz but that has disappeared off the JSF radar long time gone). I think these Pretz sticks are slightly smaller than your average Pretz sticks which may be neither here nor there but at least it’s something worth noting. Which I have.

Onto the tasting and…oh! I’m rather surprised to find that these Pretz lean towards the sweet side, say 58 to 60% sweet. It’s not much, but it is noticeable. I was expecting a more savory Pretz, perhaps with an air of smoky – like it might have been roasted. Or maybe that’s toasty. What I would not have thought Roast Pretz would taste like is vaguely short bready. That’s…unexpected. They taste sort of like the cookie parts of a Vienna Finger cookie sandwich but maybe just a titch less sweet. I’m also a little disappointed because I was hoping these were the incarnation of Pretz from ages gone by.

What I am not disappointed in is the crunch. Pretz knows how to do crunch and Roast Pretz follow up in that crunch tradition nicely. Plus pea points for the crunch. Minus pea points for the packaging since there are only two packages in the box. On the other hand, I’m rapidly munching through one entire package so perhaps the minus pea point deduction should only be a small, annoying, fractional pea point.


For your amusement, I’ve snapped a pic of the ingredients. The coffee powder amused me (and no, I can’t taste any coffee in the Pretz). There is also milk powder, cream powder, and skim milk powder so if you are into powders, this is your Pretz apparently. I can’t say that these are stellar Pretz but they are munchable Pretz. I’d say they were definitely a 3 pea Pretz, possibly a 3.25 pea rating but as you well know, I don’t fractionalize peas that small. Hmmmm. Looking at the other 3 and 3.5 pea reviews I’d say that Roast Pretz was probably better than several 3 pea rated reviews but not as good as some 3.5 rated reviews. How’s this then: Roast Pretz gets a 3.25 rating with an extra 0.25 for the crunch, bringing the total


up to 3.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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