Japanese Snack Food Review: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (seaweed)


I bet you thought I had another Pretz up my sleeve to end the year with didn’t you? Nope, instead I bring you the second to last Kame flavor of Rice Crunch Cracker: Seaweed! I believe that leaves me unsalted to find and I will have reviewed everything Kame has to offer in a Rice Crunch Cracker.

The seaweed variety of Rice Crunch Cracker has little green inclusions of seaweed, which is a nice touch. It gives them a bit of visual landscaping to catch the eye. They also have that shiny cracker thing going on that all other Rice Crunch Crackers (RCC) have had, but both sides of the cracker seem shiny rather than just one side. I suppose that’s because the seaweed is part of the cracker rather than dusted on? Maybe? I’ll go with that theory for now, especially because Seaweed has less salty than some of the more robust RCC.

Seaweed RCC also has less seaweed that most seaweedy things that have graced the JSFR. I can certainly taste that there is seaweed in the cracker but it doesn’t overpower the cracker. Oddly, the ricey flavor is going toe to toe with the seaweed and neither is really winning. They may even be more harmonious than discordant in their mingling; I’m not quite sure yet. I will say that there is one wicked seaweed lingering aftertaste though. You’d best like the seaweed if you are going to munch on these fellas.

I’m not overly keen on the green and seaweed isn’t my gig, but I’m finding that the more I eat of these fellas, the more I like of them. Plus, they have that wonderful RCC Crunch. Mmmm, crunch. I’m not sure I’d munch them over plain or sesame and I’d most certainly eat onion over seaweed (any day of the week). But…these aren’t bad at all. I think a good solid

3 Wasabi Pea Rating out of a possible 5 wasabi peas will do.

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