Zombies’ Holiday

The Zombies had a lovely holiday, thankyouverymuch, and I’m sure they would do it all again given the chance. Or if they actually had the thought capacity beyond “braaaaaains” to appreciate the festivities.


The North American Zombie, distinguised by its eerie glow and plaintive call of “braaaaaains”, is seen here nesting in its native winter habitat: The North American 3 Foot Fake Christmas tree.


The Zombies had a couple ideas of how they wanted to spend their vacation. Here they are helping me wrap LunarGeography’s present. Notice the absence of scissors. This is not accidental.


Again, Zombies “helping” with the baking. I wondered why I was one Rudolph cookie short.


Here they are helping with the rum balls.


They were entirely fascinated with the shriveled up apples. I think they thought they might be turning into mummies. Here they are giving the apples all the encouragement a crowd of zombies can. Or maybe they are preparing to take them away to wherever they stash these things. You never know with zombies.

The Zombies came along on the Q Family Traveling Christmas show and wreaked their own kind of zombie holiday cheer. The first stop was at Mumses’ house where they


got hung in the stockings with care. They were very disappointed to discover that the round object at the bottom of the stocking was an orange and not a head with a brain.


Here they are roasting near an open fire. Again, they were sad to learn the colorful round bits were burning pinecones and not Baked Alaska-head.


Then they found the Dickens Village. It wasn’t pretty. Dickens characters don’t know how to run around and scream in panic so there is nothing creepier than a fella trying to get on with his caroling while zombies mob him.


I guess it was disconcerting to the Zombies too because they gave up on him and decided to storm the church. Maybe they figured the Dickens Village people with the tasty brains were all holed up in there.


Apparently, it was then time for coffee. Or paninis. Not sure the motive here.


Ahhh…zombies? That’s a pla-oh never mind. Have at it.


Then it was time to go north. Zombies on the move!


The zombies found the nutcracker collection which also, sadly, has a definite lack of brains. They are not quite sure about the new little fellas still in the plastic containers. Could they have the brains?


They are pretty sure about the nativity scene though. Oh the humanity!


One zombie volunteered to become part of the micro-cache the Qs were setting up. Anyone want to take bets as to how long this scene remains tranquil? My money is on the zombie, despite the profusity of rubber dino teeth coming out of the stash there.

The zombies made some New Year’s Resolutions with the turning of the calendar. They vow to get really, really drunk on St. Patrick’s Day…if they remember about St. Patrick’s Day. Most likely, they will just eat a lot of brains from stupid drunk people and get buzzed from that. They also vow to shamble about and to eat more brains.

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