My Own Bed

Yesterday we were officially back in town, much to the delight of the Weirdoes and much more to the delight of my sleepy self. Not that the Qs have a terrible bed (although the first few nights the bottom sheet kept popping off and bothering us something fierce, but after a sheet change out things got much better) but something about your own bed just makes one (or me) feel all happy cozy and comfy.

We have the day off today as well (ha! You poor working saps) so we did a whole lot of lounging about in the morning. The kitties were like glue to my person most of the night, not even bothering to get all cranky and huff off when I turned and tossed. There was a lot of that going on too…I might be getting the ill, or still fighting off the ill, or maybe my caffeine intake needs to be more closely monitored. While the bed was deliciously cozy and inviting, my mind was hip-hopping all over the place and would not let me rest. Hrrrmph. Still…mmmmm. My bed.

Heh, I was rather amused that every time I rolled over I’d look down at the kitties and there would be two anxious kitty heads looking back at me. “Uh-oh…is she going to leave? What…wait…yes? No? YAY! She’s just turning over!” And then they would settle down all cat happy until the next time I flipped sides. Every. Single. Time. They would look at me like I might up and disappear on them. Funny things.

Today wasn’t all slacker though. We moseyed out to get some basic stuffs and also bread making flour. Oh yes, after doing all this responsible grown-up stuff that we had to do in town, we headed back and fired up the bread maker. BooYAW! And also probably very amusing if you happen to be a fly on the wall. We spent a lot of time saying “What’s THAT noise?” or “Why is it beeping now?” or “What IS it doing?” and then we’d have to go look and see what was going on. Guess what? It was making bread! Whoda thunk? (It did make an awful lot of strange noises though. It did!) We had fresh warm bread and cheese for dinner. Tomorrow we might make wheat bread.

I’m going to be 3 zillion pounds by February.

We did some WoW (the game) dinking about and then headed on over to DQ’s for some hanging about action. Then we came home, fired up the blender and made tasty, tasty margaritas.

In other news, I’m not feeling my best today. Heh.

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