When Farts Attack!

This is going to be the easiest weekend recap ever!

Friday: Felt ill, went home after work

Saturday: Got the digestive ick TheMan had over vacation

Sunday: Still got it.

The end.

The biggest news is that yesterday was my Sis’ birthday. Go Sis! Errrrr…like she needs cheering on to age? Does anyone ever have trouble with getting older? Like maybe they get stuck on Tuesday and need a shove over to Wednesday?

Anyway. We had big plans for the weekend, however. Oh yes. Friday was a scheduled Amber night (for which I still do not have the notes done up) that we cancelled out on. Yay stomach ick! I think we went home, maybe played some WoW (the game), maybe not. I think TheMan fired up the bread maker and made some (more) bread.

Saturday started early with the crazy Aussies and some WoW (the game) playing. And some trotting to the john because whooo! Stomach ick! Saturday was the first day of knowing I would definitely have to cancel my plans. Well, save Warcraft cuz I can be sick and play. Joi. So…we did not go over to Rob’s place for fondue (for which the bread was made). Yay stomach ick! I think I napped a good deal of the day and when I wasn’t napping I was playing Warcraft or visiting the bathroom. Bet you wish you were me!

Sunday we were supposed to play Badmovie’s game but only one of us went. Yay stomach ick! I napped the nap of the dead and played some Warcraft. I think I leveled a character. Or something. TheMan zoomed out to the game and then zoomed to the store to get me some Vernors. TheMan, he loves me.

Then we were going to go out to eat with my Sis on her birthday but I had to call and cancel. Yay stomach ick! Actually, she called me for details…ahhhh, for the plans, not of my stomach ick, and I told her it wasn’t happening. Happy Birthday Sis, I did not get you intestinal flu! Or whatever it was. We played more Warcraft, I leveled a character. Might have been the same one.

We did get into an impromptu guild pick up group for one of the raids, which was cool. It was a 20 man zone and we had 20 men on, so we did it. That makes two different raid areas that I have partaken in. I rather liked this one better, I think. It was full of bugs. Bugs is fun to fight because they are big and buggy (and easier for me to click on with the mouse. I’m sort of mouse inept when it comes to these games). We also apparently did really, really well against a tough boss dude and took him down lickety splat. On the other hand, it took a couple of goes before the big, goopy, spider boss went down. All in all, for having five or so n00bs, we did fairly well.

The kitties say hello. They also wonder when they are going to be getting more scritchies. I’ve unleashed a monster when I decided to spend more quality cat time with the weirdoes.

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