The Joie de verve for today was getting in early enough to get a parking spot out back and to almost have enough time to walk to Starbuck’s and back for a Cinnamon Spice Mocha. I *may* have been a couple minutes late to work, but they were a happy, caffeinated, chocolaty couple of minutes.

Heh. I really have no idea if “Joie de verve” is even correct but I don’t speak French and I’d like to keep it that way, except when I half remember something that sounds pretentious enough to use it wrongly in my blog. HA! Although I suspect that Badmovie, who knows French and actually retains it, will no doubt first laugh at me and then correct me.

Oh all right, I’ll do me a little Googling and actually look up the phrase. The things I do for you people. Moment.

Moment more…apparently it’s a bit more difficult to extract from the internets than I first thought. But I shall prevail.

Still working on it.

Ahhh! Wikipedia. My favorite more or less usually right but always entertaining info source. I think Google and Wikipedia need to get married and have little hell monster kids that can find anything and know everything. That would be awesome.

Or maybe incredibly frightening. I haven’t really thought this completely through yet.

Anyway, back to the joie (and isn’t it Jeux? Or is that Latin? Hey man, I’ve already blown my Google wad today trying to track down the first phrase, you are on your own with joie/jeux). Take a look at the French phrase site though, it’s pretty cool. Did you know that blond and blonde are both technically correct? It seems to stem from the masculineness and femininess of the original French word so a blonde chick while a blond dude. And people wonder why I can’t spell. I’ll start spelling as soon as my native language starts making sense.

I’ll have you know, I spell very well in German because they have an extremely see and say language. I before E always sounds like “E” no matter what day of the week it is. Period. You go you Germans! Wrock the spelling, yo.

I do have one question, though: When did it get all chilly outside? It was quite nippy out there slightly before 8am and whoooo doggies! Can I start a trend of wearing little nose muffs for days like this? I think it would be tres chic (again with the French!) but most importantly, it would keep my poor damn nose from freezing into a little nosesicle, cracking off and bouncing down the pavement. Goll almighty it was a chilly wind. Shut up all you Minnesotins, I am a bona fide, registered cold weather wimp and I have to live up to my creds. I represent cold weather wimps everywhere when I say my nose was this close to frost bit what with the wind racing down the streets. Truly.

It was another really nice people free (albeit chilly) stroll downtown to snag me a CSM though. I really like the city in the early mornings.

Wow, this entry is either so stunningly avant garde that it’s going to go straight to Pulitzer (no committee, no contemplation, just BAMN! Pulitzer) or it’s such a pile of disassociated drivel it’s going to create its own awards ceremony for Putrescence on the Web. I can feel a greatness of something here. I can also feel a SAST. And personally, I feel about 1000% better today than I did yesterday. Coincidence? Discuss!

Yeah, OK then. I blame the French. In a slightly less insane world, namely anything not originating from my head today, my sis and I have been e-mailing back and forth for most of the day. She put in her two week’s notice and….is sitting around waiting for the end of those two weeks to roll on by. She is bored out of her gourd so I have been entertaining her as only I can. With French! Heh.

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