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Check me out! Postin at 7:30am. I don’t even know what’s going to happen this Monday because a lot of it hasn’t happened yet! But, seeings as it’s a Monday, I can talk all about the weekend. That’s why God (or the belief of your choice) made Mondays.

I’m going to start today’s entry off with some morning stuff though. I know! It’s not even light out and I have things to blather about! I think a lot of it is the CSM talking but I have to say that if you haven’t gotten a look-see outside yet, do so. Wow (the expression). I had an inkling that the weather was up to something when I heard an enormous rattling sound coming from the roof and then the follow up ka-thump of snow/ice/aliens shearing off the shingles and landing in our back yard. I hadn’t yet taken the time to peek outside but that tell tale sound of weather falling off our house told me something was up.

Boy howdy was it. There was at least half an inch of ice coating anything that would stand still long enough to get rained on. Weirdly, the road was just a little bit wet and completely lovely to drive on so I’m not entirely sure how that came to be. I’m not going to poke into that oddity of ice storming though; any day where the ice decides to play on every surface but the one I need to use to get somewhere is a good day by me. I even took the time to walk to Starbuck’s before work because I wanted to see the sights while not trying to pilot a heavy metal object around other heavy metal objects (some of which were being piloted like ASS).

I tell you, if you can point and focus a camera, you can take a Pulitzer picture today. I was almost very sad that I didn’t have a camera (hopefully TheMan will have time to go out and snap some pretty pics) until I remembered: Camera phone!!! It’s not the best solution but I did what I could with it. We shall see if anything turned out or not. What a wonderful start to the day.

Hmmmm. Recap. I’m trying to decide if I go day by day or subject by subject. Let’s get a little jiggy with it and do this by subject for once.

Wow (the game)

Bye mumses! Don’t tell anyone but I’m going to write something about her after the Warcraft stuff just to see if she skims the whole blog or signs off after she sees WARCRAFT. Heh. OK, game news. They are getting ready for The! Big! Expansion! going live on…Tuesday? Today? Man, I am the suck at this gaming because I don’t have the launch date burned into my tiny plork. Anyway, the content is already there but not accessible by anyone yet since the expansion hasn’t shipped. Naturally, there have been issues and more issues and most issues almost since they patched everything in. This thing doesn’t work, that thing is broken and for half a day one of the world dragons was sitting in the throne room of the human city. Yeah…I have no idea. Fortunately, he/she/it was tagged friendly since it’s a level bajillion beast which can maybe sometimes be taken down with a 40 man raid. On a good day.

Oh, and of course the pre-expansion content is floating about too. Saturday, we logged into the major Alliance city where we had parked our characters the night before and discovered the streets of said city were littered with bodies. It was like someone had frosted the city with dead people. It didn’t take us too long to discover that one of the pre-expansion highlights was a giant demon dude who was set to randomly spawn places and kill everything around it. PCs, NPCs, frame rates, nothing was spared. Apparently, one of the spawn points was at the gates of the city which sort of sucks if you want to get into the city (whoops sorry, you’re DEAD!) but really sucks for people inside since the bank and auction house were within reach of the demon’s area of effect death spell. Whoooo! Sign me up for that because the one thing I don’t have enough of already is repair bills from dying on my own, thankyouverymuch.

I’m hoping that this demon dude settles down and stays put somewhere in the middle of nowhere once we all get the expansion loaded. It’s one thing to die while out in the middle of BFE while trying to kill a giant demon dude, it’s another to get tagged while standing at the ATM.

OoooOOooo! A little fun news! TheMan and I were out boogering around and ran into These fellas whilst dinking around with quests. Keeeeeen!


Yesterday was the big birthday hubaloo at Mumses’ house for my sis and me. It was also Christmas for my Sis and her husband as we hadn’t seen them since well beforehand so they made off with a ton o’ goodies. I unloaded crocheting project number two (which was finished the day before. Hot off the press!) and my sister took a shine to it. She got me a funny candle dude and did a hysterical job wrapping him up. He’s delicate and pointy and all around a pain in the butt to transport (I have a couple of them already, I’m continually amazed I don’t have more broken ears or legs or…) so she made him a little wrapping paper outfit and gave him a blindfold. She told me that if the little candle dude can’t see me than it stands to reason that I can’t see him ergo; wrapped. My sis cracks me up. My other neat present was a set of 1000 count sheets from Mumses and Mr. Paul. I washed them last night and stuck them on the bed. Mmmmmmmm…

Now if only the 800 count sheets TheMan gave me for our anniversary would soften up I’d never have to sleep on regular sheets again. I’m such a pampered thing. Also, I have no idea why the 800 count sheets aren’t softer than the ~400 count sheets we got a while back. Too much sizing that didn’t all come out the first wash? Hrrrrm.


Saturday TheMan and I went out with a couple coworkers to see the new James Bond flick. I think the last movie TheMan and I saw in the theaters was V so we were quite overdue to see something on the big screen. My short and sweet on Casino Royale is: Best almost 20 bucks I’ve spent in a while. Wow (the expression). Also the new James Bond guy? TOTALLY hot. He gets the seal of boo approval and they can remake all the other Bond flicks with him in the lead role. I can’t ever remember his name (Craig someone? Someone Craig? Craig sticks in my mind) which lead to a little bit of confusion for me in the beginning. They opened up with a sneaky bit where one guy was in another guy’s office and yadda yadda spy stuff. I sat and watched and was all a-twitter with suspense as the office guy discovered the B&E guy and…ahhh…wait. I have no idea what this Bond looks like. Who am I rooting for? B&E guy? Office guy? Somebody say a name so I can tell who the good guy is and who the bad guy is!

I think the beginning chase scene alone was worth the price of admission. I had no idea Spiderman was part of the Bond continuity. If you haven’t seen the flick that makes no sense, if you have you totally know what I’m talking about. It’s like the propeller guy in Titanic. BTW, Word seems to know Spiderman.


Sadly, we had a death in the bread family this weekend. TheMan made another loaf of Pepper bread which burned down, fell over and then sank into the swamp. We think it might have had too much water in it. Sad. We shall remember you, pepper bread of mid-January, but our experimentin’ must go on. For the good of bread kind! I’m thinking of doing a cinnamon rum raisin bread for a coworker’s birthday this week, maybe give the Pepper bread a break from being baked. The raisins are already soaking in a couple splashes of rum so the only decision I have to make now is whether I want to do a swirled cinnamon bread (and cook the dough outside of the maker) or do an infused cinnamon bread (and let the maker do everything). Wish us luck!


I love that category. I can put anything I want here. What else do I have to say? Oh, right. TheMan is home with more ill (reprise of the stomach thing. Ick) so if you would like to send some well wishes his way, that would be kind. Also if you would like to send a “let this be a swift and non-contagious sort of bug” thought his way too, I’d be eternally grateful.

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