AT&T Hates My Warcraft

boo: Hey babe. Just called to see how you were feeling.
TheMan: Eh, OK I guess. Why are you calling my cell phone?
boo: The house phone wouldn’t pick up.
TheMan: Huh. Wonder why? Oh…that’s odd. No dial tone.
TheMan: Hey, did you notice a tree branch on your truck when you went to work?
boo: Ahhhhh…nnnooo. Unless it was one of those little ones the tree is always dropping on the hood. I didn’t get a good look at the front.
TheMan: Oh no, this one is three inches thick and lying on top of the cab. I think it tore out the phone line on the way down.
boo: Then definitely no. I would have noticed something like that.

So yeah. The neighbor’s tree (the one who moved away and hasn’t been able to sell the house) got a twofer yesterday and yanked our phone line off the pole while on its way to smackin’ up my truck. Fortunately, there was enough ice covering the vehicle that it acted like armor plating and absorbed/deflected all the damage so the truck is OK. TheMan called the dead phone in (yay cell phones!) and Ma Bell can’t schedule us until Wednesday at the earliest.

We have DSL and the Warcraft expansion goes live today. Perfect timing.

TheMan and I had planned to finish up our boogering around that we started Sunday night but alas. No phone, no DSL. No DSL, no internets. No internets, no WoW (the game). What did people DO before the internets? Guahh. I took a nap until MomQ was supposed to arrive from up north while TheMan played some non-internets computer something-or-other game. By 8 there was no MomQ (I think it was icier around Grandma Minnie’s place so she stayed put) and still no internets so I had to go find me something else to do to keep me occupied.

I looked high, I looked low, I looked here, I looked there and then lo! There on my nightstand, forgotten for all time I discovered…A Book. It had…pages! That you could turn! With words and stuff on them! And nary a scroll bar to be seen! It was so quaint! OooOOOoo! So I read for a couple hours before bed. I feel so deliciously antiquated.

Actually, I had started the book (American Gods by Neil Gaiman) quite a while back when I was all a-fire about reading. Heh, that was what…a year and a half ago? I blame Warcraft. Anyway, I started the book way back then with high hopes and noble intension aaaaaaaaaand then something shiny! happened which caused me to put the book aside. But only for a little bit! I was planning on getting right back to it. A little bit turned into a spell, turned into a while, turned into long enough that I’d forgotten what happened in the 50 pages I read. So I started over.

Then another shiny! came and went so Monday when I started in on the book (again, again) I had to backtrack a bit to get my bearings. After that, however, I was on fire! I was reading like a mad thing and you know what? Reading is a lot of fun. I should really think about doing it more often.

Whoda thunk!

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