Captain Random!

While I think this is an unused title, I’m now wondering how many blog titles I end in exclamation points.

Fear me today for I am the avatar of cranky. I blame PMS unless I can get a hold of a couple of Twinkies. In that case I’ll go with the excess sugar defense. Hrrrm. I don’t especially like Twinkies…do you suppose it’s OK to plead insanity due to Zingers instead? They’re like Twinkies but a whole lot better. Except for the red ones.

Man, I have not had a Zinger in forever. Mmmm.

Speaking of food, as we just were above, TheMan and I are getting a D- possibly even failing at the Fix Your Own Food and Save Some Damn Money initiative. Not that I officially declared one (still going pretty good on my first New Year’s intension and givin’ out the cat love. On the other hand, I’ve already forgotten what the other New Year’s intension was. Did I even have two?), but I like to keep money in mind when it comes to ways I can save it. Like not eating out every damned day. Ever since the bread maker took up lodging on our counter top we have been terrible about eating out.

Oh yeah, totally blaming the bread maker. Every morning it sits there on my counter all “Hey I’m on your counter! Why don’t you get a CSM and a scone this morning instead of having cereal?” I’ve also heard it comment on packing lunch versus hiking over to the Union for Wendy’s (the bread maker is in favor of a little exercise and who am I to knock that?) and just last Tuesday, I think, it expounded on the merits of the Santa Fe Chicken Salad at Applebee’s.

You know, Applebee’s does make a pretty decent salad. Also, Big 10 Burrito makes an amazing burrito (like that isn’t the duh news of the week). While we’re at it, Lucky Garden does a damned fine ginger garlic chicken. Tonight we may step it down a titch and partake of the Wendy’s. We suck. Sorry. My goal next week is to plan some damn meals and get cracking on Saving Some Damn Money instead of throwing it at people who make my meals for me. It’s amazing how fast a paycheck dwindles when you eat out every day.

I don’t want to talk about Cinnamon Spice Mochas.

My other goal that I’ve made recently is to read two books a month. Ish. I’m thinking of phrasing it as averaging two books a month so I don’t feel all pressured to read read read if I happen to have a loooong book (I’m looking at YOU George R. R. “I can’t possibly write fewer than 1500 pages” Martin!) one month. I’m guessing there will be months where I’ll read more than two short books so it should all even out. It’s all good.

I do have one think that’s not fully thunk about this process though: Do I count books that I’ve already read? Hmmm. On one had, yes because it’s a book. And I read it. Ergo good. On the other hand it feels like I’m cheating or something by counting a book that I’ve read before. I think that’s a high school hold over to when it was a big No! No! to do a term paper/book report/whatever on a book you’d done a term paper/book report/whatever on before. My third thoughts on this, having read some 400 pages of book one already (go me!) and run into a character that obviously was an important incidental character from 200 pages ago that I should have immediately recognized but didn’t (ahhh…oops), is go for it! I mean if I can’t remember who the heck Mama-ji was in the few short days I’ve been reading then a book I’ve read a long time ago would be practically new yeah?

Brain like a sieve!

Maybe I’ll just see where the reading whim takes me and go with it. I might also do up a review something for books I’ve read (if I remember them by the time I’m done. Wait, I’m reading a book??!??) if I feel industrious. Or not. I’ll have to see how the lazy is fairing against the desire to rant or rave about books I’ve read.

Hrrrm. I don’t really have too much else to say other than stay tuned for the grand blog relocation. It might happen this weekend if there is much industry at the Q house. The JSFR also might get split off into its own entity if TheMan really loves me (and or it’s not a colossal pain in the keester to do so. I rather like TheMan’s keester, I’d hate to see it pained). Regardless, I have some new snacks so there should be a review up this weekend. Back from hiatus babE!

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