Don’t Make Me Go All Martha On Your Ass

I know, I know, You JSF Junkies are DYING out there. The good news is that we sampled three (count them, three!!!) new snacks. The bad news is that I was a complete lazy butt and didn’t get photographs of the lovely snackage. I also didn’t write the reviews up but that’s not the focus of my excuse. Long longer: Pooooost Dating!

This weekend. Oi. Well, we ate out Friday at this neat little Japanese place right close to the Wendy’s (that is right close to TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s place) because the Wendy’s had a sign that said their credit reader was down. TheMan and I didn’t have any cash (or rather TheMan didn’t because I rarely ever do) so we had to look for eats elsewhere. I’m turning a very blind, cataracted, poked out and completely missing eye towards the total sum of all our eating out this past week. I can’t think of one lunch or dinner meal that we didn’t go tripping out to some establishment to procure and that can’t be very healthy for the wallet.

Oh wait, there was that one day they had fortuitous leftovers that I mooched. OK, one meal out of ten. Ooooo, I forgot about the CSM that same morning. Scratch my feeling somewhat righteous about mooching and saving some lunch money.

Anyway, Sunday I decided to get back on the Save Some Damn Money initiative and get back to planning meals and shopping wisely. But first, Warcraft.

And that was Saturday’s sentence. All of Saturday’s sentence. I could expound but pretty much, we played Warcraft. This is why I was shopping on Sunday instead of Saturday (my preferred day of shopping because all the dumbass moron butts seem to need to go shopping on Sunday (except for Badmovie, who usually goes shopping on Sunday but isn’t a dumbass moron butt. And also he goes shopping later, which I should have done as noon to three is outrageously stocked with clueless stupid people). Oh dear, I’ve gotten lost in my own parentheticals. I think I just need a closing parenthesis and I’m good. Yeah).

I suppose it’s my own damned fault for playing an exceedingly obnoxious amount of Warcraft which took up the time I was had set aside to write up the JSFR, tidy the house a bit, do dishes and laundry and go shopping. Apologies to Badmovie for canceling out on his game because I hadn’t yet gotten my growed up shit done before getting all WoW (the game). On the plus side, I got all but one load of wash done, cleared out the sink of dish debris (including washing our new cutting boards), planned meals for the week, went shopping and cooked up some freezer stuff.

I also made the best lentil soup known to mankind. Come over and taste some if you scoff; you will be reborn and win the lotto and all your windows will get washed. This stuff is that good. I found a package of lentils while mucking out a cupboard and thought, “Hey! Lentils. I have hamm stock downstairs that I can bring up to make lentil soup. Over there are potatoes that need to get used before they grow legs and walk off and OH! The carrots are on the verge of sentience. How cute, they are trying to discover fire with help from the onions.” So you see, lentil soup was a forgone conclusion and when I took a look-see at Joy, I found they had a recipe which included sausage. We had freezer sausage. To top it off (heh), there was a tub of sour cream with a sell by date of February 2nd that had to get used. Sour cream hat on spicy sausage lentil soup really makes the meal.

I wound up making baked taters out of the remaining Cthulhu potatoes that wouldn’t fit in the soup and I cooked up a quad batch of tomato sauce to feed the freezer. Which…yeah. Remember a long, long time ago in a basement (not to) far, far away there was a shiny new freezer chest? And remember me mentioning at all that it would be a really good idea to have a list of stuff going into and out of the freezer chest before it became a black hole of frozen goods? I sort of haven’t yet and this weekend I found my first UFO (Unidentified Frozen Object). Well, OK it was one of the several (which by definition is more than two but not exact enough in quantity so you can’t really know how many there are) fryer chickens I had apparently bought a while back and then chucked into the freezer, so maybe FFO (Forgotten Frozen Object). The really sad part of this unexpected chicken find is that I was freezer diving for crock pot meat and I was only half way down when I encountered the frozen fryers.

I may not have to go shopping for the rest of winter!

Oh, I take that back. The really sad part about this whole shopping experience (besides almost being driven insane by stupid people) is that I spent close to the same amount of money in groceries that we spent all last week eating out. If I were insanely clever, I could probably make just the stuff I picked up this Sunday last two weeks and make out like a food baron. Sadly, I’m more insane than clever and will most likely go out shopping again this Sunday for some supplemental stuff for next week’s menu. It won’t be much, though. Huzzah food planning!

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