…Because I Totally Will!

Check me out, I’ve gone all Suzy Homemaker here. Not only have we been doing pretty good with the food thing but I have a new initiative: Decrapulation!

Sunday’s shopping efforts are paying off nicely. My original meal plan went something like –

Sunday: Eggy sammiches and sausage.

Monday: Stuffed peppers

Tuesday: Lentil soup

Wednesday: Crock pot whatsit

Thursday: Pasta

Friday: Stir Fry

Saturday: Eating out for my BIRTHDAY!!!!

buuuut by the time 8pm rolled around Sunday night, the bread for the eggy sammiches still had an hour to cook while the lentil soup was sitting on the stove quite ready to eat so we switched things up. Yesterday we didn’t much feel like eggy sammiches so we had leftovers and today we forgot to put a crock on so it’s pasta night. Still, we’re staying within the meal plan and haven’t gone out to eat all week. So far. I’m thinking of planning a leftovers meal once a week to make sure we don’t have food buildup and also so I only have to think of 6 meals a week.

Lazy is as lazy does.

My other new resolve, the decrapulation project, has been going along rather swimmingly. Our house, although a very, very fine house, is…cluttered. We have stuff here, stuff there and stuff everywhere and it doesn’t ever seem to go back to where it belongs. Some of the stuff doesn’t even have a where it belongs and thus, the problem. Others of the stuff are stuff we really don’t need but haven’t gotten around to realizing it yet. I mean, do I really need 40 some T-shirts? I don’t think so but I probably have about 40 T-shirts loafing about. It’s time to harden the heart and start culling the crap.

Oh, but so much crap. It’s pretty demoralizing to look at the whole picture and realize how much stuff needs to be gone through and tidied. For instance, in stereo equipment alone we have 3 TVs, 2 receivers, 2 CD players, 1 tape player, 2 VCRs, 4 sets of floor speakers, 1 set of surround sound speakers (5 total), 1 Cd/DVD/Amp/Stereo combo deelie, 1 turn table, 1 free standing record player (at least I *think* that’s what that fellow is. It may also be an accordion. Errr..also as in one or the other, not both at the same time) and 2 boom boxes. That’s a ridiculous amount of stereo equipment (although we have managed to divest ourselves of some of it), half of which is sitting around unused and gathering dust. 4 sets of floor speakers AND a full set of surround sound speakers? What…are we a dance club?

Instead of coming at this project head on, I’m breaking it up into little tiny chunks and organizing a chunk a day. I think that ought to keep me from going fetal at the thought of how big a project this really is. Or it will wind up saving me the cost of purchasing a flame thrower to solve the problem in a more expedient manner. Either or. Plus, I can feel all smug and self congratulatory about doing grown up house work stuff while really not doing much at all. Itty bitty inconsequential tidying every day isn’t going to harsh my lazy and that I can get on board with. I’ll let you know when I actually see some progress, although I can say I’m already feeling the smug. The Christmas tree that was hanging around on the basement floor? I gave it a new permanent home today. Go me.

Lastly, I finished the first book in my goal to read two books a month. I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman and it was a very good 500+ page read. I give it two boo thumbs up and I’ll probably read it again (if only to figure out who the hell Mama-ji was). I wanted to read Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman (Walter Miller) but it’s been so long since I read A Canticle for Leibowitz that I’m positive I’ve forgotten some key elements to the story. So, Canticle it was but then I started looking over the wall of books (where Canticle doesn’t live) and picked up Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card) instead. Thus, I don’t have to make any decisions about books I’ve read before and how they fit into my new plan to read more books this year. Heh, avoiding serious thinking is a gift.

And that pretty much wraps everything up. I expire this Saturday (plates and drivers license) so there is a trip to the Secretary of State in my immediate future. Lucky thing I’m reading books eh?

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