Oooooo, say. Check out the new look. I’d love to say that this was all me, but I’m not that computer savvy. I did make the decision to have the banner in stars though (after TheMan said “Hey! I can make the header banner a star field if you like. You know, the universe of booniverse!”) so that’s something…? Anyway, TheMan has migrated the booniverse over to Word Press and it’s all shiny! with commentability now and a super easy interface on the back end so I can update with ease!

Which doesn’t guarantee that I will, I’m just sayin that I can. Now. Something. LOOK AT THE SHINY!

The Save Some Damn Money initiative still plugs along but someone forgot to set up a crock pot so tonight is stir fry! Huzzah! Or something. Since it’s the end(ish) of the week, I’ve been brainstorming meals for the next week. So far, things look like:

Sunday: Fish and baked taters/veggys.

Monday: Chili and Corn bread.

Tuesday: Tuna Melts.

Wednesday: Pork chop things.

Thursday: Fridge clean out – Mystery casserole or maybe Chicken-Pot-What

Friday: Wendy’s or wherever. It’s an Amber night.

Saturday: Soup and pull apart bread.

It took me quite a while to think up that menu too. And I revised it as I was typing it because I realized we were having tuna melts the day after baked fish. Not that we won’t do back to back fish, but I’d rather that be a spur of the moment decision than a planned one. I’m also going to bake a chicken on Sunday and get some stock going. We only have about 5 things of stock in the freezer (I think. Could be more…could be less. I really need to start a list of freezer stuff), we’re running low! OK, not really but soup is a simple thing to whip up if you already have stock in the freezer. Plus, I like boiling carcasses.

Anyone have any meal suggestions they might want to suggest? In the comments? Because you totally can you know. I could use some ideas.

Yesterday we motored over to the Secretary of State so I could get a renewal on my self and plates. I even squeaked out of work early in order to avoid the rush (TheMan had a vacation day) but I was 15 numbers beyond the end number in line. Le sigh. I had my book though so I settled down to read. Fortunately, they are really quick at this branch so two chapters in, my number was called. Then they started asking me all sorts of questions and I realized, like a dumbass, I completely forgot the letter they sent, my registration, my proof of insurance, anything that wasn’t nailed down, my head…basically everything that they asked for I didn’t have. Doah. But! And this is the cool part, they didn’t throw me out for having the brains of an amoeba, but rather they looked up my plate in their system and it had all that info right there. Huzzah! I am now temporarily unexpired until my new plates and license come in.

Oh yeah, they are changing up the plates. Again. So I have to get a whole new boring ass white plate (but it has a blue banner!) and yadda yadda snooze fest cakes. Ah well. At least I get to keep my somewhat cool personalized plate. I hope. Hrmmmm.

I started in on crocheting project number 3 last night after making a couple test pattern blocks. I’m branching out into new territory and making a pieced together thing and I wanted to try out the block pattern before having to do one for real on a project that I’m going to be giving away. I figure my test blocks, along with blocks made from all the little ends of yarn I’ve collected, can eventually be made into a mish mash blanket (a Frankenblanket if you will). Meanwhile, I have an actual project to get done so I only made two test blocks before I got the pattern enough to make it for someone else. My first block…was…perfect for a Frankenblanket. My second one came out more like how the pattern should. Now I only need 104 blocks for project 3 (and 3A) and they will be done!

I also need more yarn. Mmmmm, yarn.

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