The Monday After

So sleeeepy Stimpy…

Friday night, while I was waiting to hang around with the dr00ds at their coffee hour cafe haunt, I poked around Borders some. Did you know they have a new (ish) RP system out for Serenity? I did not until I got a look see at the rules book. Mostly I was looking at the quotes and whatnot (heh, one of the character traits is “Fightin’-type”) and being charmed all over again by Joss Whedon’s turn of phrase. I was fixin to buy the book save I ain’t got no money for frivolous book gettin. Or whatever. Now I want to rewatch the series.

I also drooled over a couple other books but said (in my best grown-up voice), “Now boo, you have lots and lots of books at home that you’ve bought and haven’t read. Let’s read those first before going off any buying more new books that we haven’t read.” And who can fault that sort of Save Some Damned Money sense? Not I. Thus, I did not get the last two books in the Tiger and Del series, the next book in the Ender series, any of the Mars books or any of the other books. I did get a coffee though.

I also managed to make a five sided hexagram. I don’t want to talk about it.

Saturday TheMan and I woke up to the answering machine and my mumses singing Happy Birthday to me. She called at least 10 other times that day (with singing) and commented twice at the booniverse. My crazy mumses. It made me laugh. TheMan made eggy sammiches for breakfast and we played a lot of lot of Warcraft. Hee! I don’t think I got a lot done as far as the tidying project was concerned, but I did a little something and that’s what the whole tiny tidy is about. Besides it was my birthday. People should be exempt from major tidy on their birthday.

We then went out to eat with the Warcraft crew (not the Aussies, the PvP guild) and had an incredibly fab time. I was even amused at our waiter, who looked and sounded exactly like my grandfather (on my dad’s side). Errr…my grandfather when he was fifty or so, not my grandfather as he is now. Which is dead. Although, zombie waiter would have been its own brand of amusing come to think on it… Anyway, we ate (delish), ate some more (still delish), drank (Mmmm) and left about three hours later. We made plans to meet back up on Warcraft (I know, but we were having fun!) after TheMan and I stopped off at Borders.

Hey, on my birthday I’m allowed to get more books that I haven’t read yet. I wound up coming home with Speaker for the Dead, Red Mars and Memoirs of a Geisha. I decided against the Tiger and Del books because I had pretty much thought the series was ended with the fourth book (Hey, it had the classic learn the secret ways, defeat the ultimate bad, have breakfast the next day sort of ending). Apparently they have more adventures after learning the ancient sacred lost arts and defeating the hooey Evil. And breakfast. Plus, the series was more amusing than intriguing and not something I wanted to have to read again in order to get up to speed. My OCD personality is chafing a bit knowing that I don’t have the last two books to round out the series, but not so much that it wants to have to sit through reading books 1-4 again. Even OCD can be cowed with mediocrity.

Sunday TheMan cleaned like a mad thing and made the house sparkly. Shiny! I went out shopping and procured more foodstuffs AND some storage space doogers. I went to three stores, four if you count the emergency Starbuck’s run. You try surviving Sunday afternoon Meijers without a Starbucks to bolster your spirits. I zoomed home, unpacked the groceries and organized the beegeebus out of my sweatshirts and pants. I wrock (but not as much as TheMan who cleaned the house top to bottom. I bought him home a CSM too).

Then it was time to crack into Son of Bag of Evil [cure reverb fx here]. We (badmovie and LunarGeography, TheMan and I) decided to do a theme dinner of kids food to go with Son of Bag of Evil so fish sticks, tater tots, macs and cheese and margaritas in sippy cups (what??!?) were on the menu. By the way, sippy cups weren’t meant to handle frozen drinks. They are perfectly fine for rum and cokes though. We grabbed the last two movies in SoBoE and set out to have us a night of merry Smithee entertainment. Sideshow garnered us a couple of clips but Brain of Blood wouldn’t play in our VCR. Sadness. Instead we popped in Deep Descent with Dean Cain and watched that. Because nothing stars Dean Cain.

It was a late and boozerific night. I hurt.

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