Underground Ennui

Bits of Boredom part III

Another laptop test. 18 crescent moon dot computers, 2 vivos, 1 HP and 59 students. I can’t tell what the other brands are and really, who cares? Mac ban my ass.

And I’m not really underground but it sounded poetical and I’ll probably be back there and bored there so sometime today the title will be true.

The weather is amazing. I’m going out for coffee and a toasted everything bagel w/cream cheese after this. Yesterday, since I have decided to take the week off of counting calories, I ate like the hungry caterpillar. I feel like crap today, I think I am going to stick to eating sensibly but not counting calories. We shall see if I feel better tomorrow.

The top of my left foot hurt like the beejeebus yesterday and I think it’s because I wore my Birks all winter with fuzzy fat socks, which have stretched them out. Now, my foot is cranky. I wore my other shoes today. We shall see if it helps.

The Tea Conspiracy

I left it at home again. BUT the windows were open so they will get light. My prediction for day 4 will be: DIRT. I may need to water them, most likely they can go until tomorrow. The excitement abounds.

OH! I started @ 10:07. It is now 10:20. Thought you’d like to know.

We went out to TheMan’s and my Applebees yesterday with Mom and Dad Q and of course DQ. Our poor waiter. The fella was having “one of those days”. His other table was being bitchy and calling the manager over and while he did forget: No ice in 2 drinks, lemon in the waters (which he offered, BTW) and one other “his screw up” thing the forces of Nature were conspiring against him. The food was late, the person who brought the waters dumped an entire glass in TheMan’s crotch (whoooooeeeee!) and never gave us straws. They were out of 2 or 3 popular food items (all of which we ordered). Chips and salsa! Ummmmm…wedonthavesalsa. Fries! Ummmm…wedonthavethemeither. ‘S OK with us though, we were happy with artichoke dip and mashed taters. The kitchen also sent food out that wasn’t hot enough.

OK, see they have these sizzlers desserts things where they have a hot plate, you pour caramel over the dessert and it sizzles (caramelizes). We are ALWAYS sending these things back because 9 times out of 10 the sauce just goes bluuuuuuuaaahhhhh instead of sssssizzzle! We told him to bring them out “Nuclear burn your face off hot” and he was so pleased as he brought them to us. The sauce went bluuuaaahhhhhh. His face fell like a kid being told Christmas was canceled. He took them back and came out later in a traveling cloud of blue smoke. Oh yeah. I guess they were so hot that the heat leaked through the hot pad. You could see him go “Oh hot. Hot. Hothothothothot…must walk faster!” He wound up scorching his thumb but that’s all. They were perfect. We left him a big tip (25%) because we felt badly for him.

10:31! I have no doodles for today. Huh. Sorry.

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