Poo in Shoe not Funny

Hello booniverse campers! I’m feeling like penning a little something-something for you, even though it’s a Tuesday. Cherish the Tuesday posting.

My day started deliciously snuggly as it was TheMan’s turn to get up first. Mmmm, warm toasty bed all to myself. Then Isaak started to puke, which necessitated a flurry of undercover kicking to get him off the bed before he regurgitated breakfast all over my comforter. This would be the same comforter that I just put on last night after having washed it for similar reasons. I managed to launch everything but the cat off the bed, so I had to resort to drastic measures: Actually sitting up and manhandling the cat to the floor. When that cat picks a spot to yark, he’s pretty adamant about yarking on That Very Spot I guess. Anyway, he immediately headed over to my slipper before I could stop him and HOARK!

The day can’t start out right when your first action is cleaning cat puke out of your slipper. On the other hand, TheMan went and got me a fresh new towel for my shower and made me lunch so I guess things aren’t so awfully bad.

OH! Let me tell you something cute about TheMan. In the mornings at the Q house, the first one in the shower also makes up lunches. Yesterday, that was me so I got out the sammich fixins (PB&J), cobbled together 2 sammiches, swathed them in Saran Wrap and stuffed them in a paper bag with a can of pop. Then, as an after thought, I dropped an apple in to keep it all company. I think I might have mooshed the sammiches a bit. Anyway, that’s my typical lunch packing. TheMan, on the other hand, gets out the sammich fixings (turkey hamm, cheese and mustard), lovingly crafts two sandwiches which he cuts (completely) in half, stacks one on top of the other and then carefully wraps them in wax paper. Often times he even puts a little tape on the end tail to keep the wax paper from unraveling. He also folds a paper towel up all neatly and either wraps it around the can of cola (so it doesn’t sweat out the bottom of the bag) or around the apple so it doesn’t get bruised when it knocks against the pop can.

Lastly, he writes our names or initials on the bags, but he always does something cute to mine. Today, “boo” is bookended by hearts. Last Friday my whole name was encased in a heart. I love this man!

And now to completely change subject (please fasten your seatbelts, this blog may experience some turbulence) I made an incredibly fantastic chicken last night in my new cuuuuute chicken cooker (part of my Sunday shopping haul). It looks quite a bit like my old turkey cooker but chicken sized, which is the point. I cooked a chicken in my turkey roaster once and not only did it look pathetic sitting there in the middle of all that wide open turkey cooker space, it was dry like the desert in summer. Last night’s chicken was one of the moistest chickens I’ve ever made and oh so tasty! Plus, I adore my tiny little chicken cooker. SQUEEEE!

I was looking over the food planning and I noticed that we never planned a chicken meal even though I had planned on cooking up a bird for stock. What’s that about? I’m beginning to think the meal planning is really more meal guidelining because we haven’t been exactly true to the planning word as it were. Although, if I was planning on cooking a chicken this week it would stand to reason that chicken should have been somewhere on the menu no? Hmmm. Maybe I need to get my food prep self and my meal prep self in the same room so they can talk to each other. Or possibly I’ll just throw the chicken into soup when I make it later. Whenever that will be.

Tonight is stock night with both chicken and hamm playing a starring role. I spent all the time the chicken was cooking deboning and cubing the pork cuts I picked up Sunday. ARRRGH! My hands hurt from all that porking (heh) but I have four bags of pork cubes and a plate of pork bones to show for it. My pork bones and my chicken carcass will be a-simmering tonight and making the house smell fantastic. I love making stock.

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  1. Sis Says:

    A Poo in the shoe is better than two in the sock.

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