That Was Kind of Weird

As best as I can figure, someone took my purse for a joy ride yesterday.

TheMan is (for now) working at his department’s downtown office on Tuesdays so I hustled out to have lunch with my man. Yum. I got back at about 2 (late lunch day) and then proceeded to booger about the building doing JOB STUFF until 4:40 or so. I returned to my office to find an e-mail on my chair (a print out of one rather) that said “Hey! So-in-so in the building down the block and across the way has your purse!” To this I thought, “They do? Errrr…well what’s it doing over there? It’s supposed to be in my desk right here. Where it isn’t at the moment. Crap.”

So I took a late afternoon break to hustle over to the building down the block and across the way to retrieve my kidnapped alien mushroom-man bag. Poor bag. On the way over, I realized that I wasn’t exactly sure where the building down the block and across the way was, exactly. I knew which building it wasn’t and once, long, loooong ago back in college (Mesozoic era I believe) I saw a movie in said building but a lot can change in an era or so. Ergo, it took me a little longer and a (correct!) WAG to reunite with my poor bag. However, I guessed correctly which building was the Building Down the Block and Across the Way and lo! There was my bag!

And my wallet! Whooot!

And…my credit cards (although they were rearranged some), ID, and house keys!

And my gloves! Huzzah!

And my check book!

And..well, everything. OoooKay.

Which lead me to wonder why my purse went walking down the block and across the way with nothing to show for it but a little rearrangement of the contents? Not that I’m knocking that turn of fortune because I can’t replace my well traveled alien mushroom man and I rather like my wallet. But…what was the point? Why duck into an office, go into a desk and snatch a purse only to leave it in a bathroom in another building? I called and cancelled my cards but there had been no activity on them. I also had a set of building keys which could have been used to get into the offices and lift bigger and better goodies but they didn’t take those. It’s all very odd. Fortunate, but odd.

Anyway, I have my stuff back and am now waiting in cash limbo for my new cards but other than that, I’m peachy.

How was your day?

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3 Responses to “That Was Kind of Weird”

  1. Scott Says:

    No activities on the credit cards…

    …. yet.

    Cancelling was the correct move.

  2. Tobes Says:

    How is yous’ life?

  3. Boo Says:

    Hi Tobes! Hi Scott!

    Heh, us’ lives are very chilly! And somewhat berift of readily available cash. Man, I didn’t realize how nifty credit cards and bank cards were until I had to cancel both and wait for them to send me new ones. I had to write checks for groceries. I almost forgot how to write checks!

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