I Think I Froze My Sinuses.

Minus four degrees? Minus Four Degrees??!? Is that even a real temperature? It sounds more like some sort of science lab temperature. “Take it down to minus four degrees, let’s see if boo’s toes fall off.” They didn’t, but only because I snagged a piping hot cup of coffee when I got in and wrapped my feet around it. HA!

S-s-s-s-s-o C-c-c-c-c-old S-s-s-s-timpy. Being that it’s a Monday, why don’t I fill y’all in on the events happening at the Q house these past days? It’s a tradition you know!

OH! Speaking of Q, I had an odd thing happen at Hiller’s Saturday. Due to my purse’s walkabout this past week and the subsequent canceling of all my cards, I had to pay for my purchases with checks. Yarrrgh, I’d almost forgotten how to write out a check. Eventually I managed (and without being one of THOSE people! Hooray for having the foresight to puzzle out the checkage while my groceries were being rung up rather than after. I wrock!), and the cashier took my check for processing through the check-y doo-dad reader type-pad machine thing-it. For…errr…I don’t know, I usually just present my card, swipe it and all is done. I miss my cards! I think he had to type in my license number to make sure I wasn’t a bad egg, except there was no Q on the type-pad. None. Apparently, nobody’s last name begins with Q so they didn’t bother to put one on.

Thus, I was one of THOSE people anyway as the cashier had to call over a manager to figure out what to do. After a good hemming and hawing, they decided that the only way to get a Q into the check-y doo-dad reader type-pad machine thing-it was to swipe my license. My sincere apologies to the lady in line behind me.

Saturday, despite vowing not to go grocery shopping for food and living off the fat of our freezer and cupboards, I wound up having to go pick up some miscellaneous this and thats for our chili extravaganza. TheMan needed cheese and beer and something else that I can’t remember and I wanted to get more book end shelf grabbies for my book project. Plus, Bed, Bath and Beyond, where the grabbies lived, is next to Michaels, where more yarn for crochet project 3 and 3a could be purchased. Three stores, people! And nary a credit card to my name! I was roughing it. I came, I saw, I purchased.

And then I proceeded to organize books from F through most of H. I’ve been on a roll with this book shelf project since…Wednesday I think. Organizing the books is just one tiny part of the Tidy Project but this week it has been the part that ate my head. Wednesday I spent three (!!) hours sorting and organizing A through C. Three hours! Thursday I evicted elephants off of the book shelves and hacked through D and E. That may have only taken me two hours. I also piled books in basic letter piles all over the entertainment center which was slated to be moved into the basement this weekend. Thus I had to get the book project done before we moved the entertainment center right? Right!

Sunday I finished organizing all the books by author plus the good handful of compilation type books we own. I’d say I came out victorious against the coalition of disorganized books, but all that bending, reaching, twisting, and hauling cranked my back something fierce. I totally blame the damned Norton Anthology of Poetry. Have you seen one of those things? Fucker weighs about five metric tons. Fucker also negated any entertainment moving plans with its back breaking thickness.

On the other hand, one can crochet and sit relatively still for most of the evening.

My other Sunday accomplishment was making the best chicken veggy soup known to man. Of course, it could be that our copious bread munching and pie eating, for that’s pretty much all we had to eat for most of Sunday, sent our bodies into protein and nutrient withdrawal. The soup may well have been delicious solely by its virtue of containing protein and nutrients. Hard to tell. OH! I also managed to box up the rest of the stock that I cooked up sometime this past week. We now have 2 Hamm stocks and 3.5 chicken stocks in the freezer. Just call me Suzie Homemaker.

Lastly, in case anyone cares about this sort of thing, we managed to stay on the planned meals program for all of one day last week: Fish sticks on Sunday. We at least obliged the Save Some Damn Money Initiative and didn’t go out to eat (except for the planned Friday) and we also prepared two of the meals, just not on the days planned. I didn’t write the dinners on a post it and then stick it to the fridge last week (why should I? It’s in the blog!) and thus, I totally forgot we were going to do some pork something. This week I was smart (S-M-R-T!) and wrote everything down:

Sunday: Soup! (This was easy; I didn’t think to plan meals until after dinner. HA!)

Monday: Nachos!

Tuesday: Lasagna bake (I’m ‘sperimenting! I don’t have lasagna noodles but I do have other pasta.)

Wednesday: Grilled cheeses and chili.

Thursday: Pork roast. Hopefully, it won’t be MINUS FOUR DEGREES out and we can fire up the grill.

Friday: Fridge clean out.

Saturday: Tuna casserole!

We shall see if we can stick to the menu or if we go off and do our own thing.

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  1. yo mum Says:

    Yes, it’s cold everywhere. The day here is starting in the mid 40’s and is suppose to get to 67 with lots of sunshine. A perfect day to continue with my poison ivy developement. My right wrist his almost healed and my left wrist is just starting.

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