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Hey! It was only minus three today. Balmy!

The U is doing the big “get your fat asses moving” thing again this year to promote health and wellness and the moving of fat asses. I don’t think they are exactly trying to imply that we’re all ginormous porkers, but a lot of U jobs are cushy sit down jobs if you catch my drift. I don’t see how you couldn’t, there’s a LOT of drift around here…especially in the hinder region.

I’m just sayin.

So they’ve formed these teams to compete against each other in friendly camaraderie and work-outmanship and yadda yadda get your fat ass moving cakes. Last year I thought about joining up but didn’t, mostly because I’m exceedingly lazy and the whole shebang started before I could be bothered to click on the sign up link. This year, however, I decided to take the plunge and be a part of the fat ass moving team in hopes that it will jump start my working out plans. And to try and curb my fat assedness. The boo’s got back! The boo also can’t seem to get a work out program to stick even if it were made of glue so I figured it was time for drastic measures. I can’t rely on my own self to work out but if my working out is part of a team competition thing…well then. I’d best hop to right?

Or so I hope the thinking goes.

Anyway, today was the first day of Move Your Fat Ass and…my back is still out of whack. Grrr! I had plans, people. I was going to get all exercise-y and stuff but it still hurts to bend my torso any further than perched precariously over my hips. I think that eliminates most of the bowflex stuff (save the triceps exercise where you lie down on the bench. Lying down I can do), free weights save biceps – which I can do sitting down and braced on my legs, all of the heavy bag work since it all involves some sort of moving and twisting of the back and certainly the Norditrack. Yeah, that whole tipped slightly over at an angle isn’t going to be working for me until I get my back muscles to quit with the ow. About the only thing I can do is walk so this I did over my lunch break.

Do you know how cold “feels like minus 7 degrees” is?!? “Feels like minus 7 degrees” is cold enough to numb the front of your thighs beyond feeling as you walk around for a half hour. “Feels like minus 7 degrees” is cold enough to freeze your cheeks until they hurt as you walk around for a half hour. “Feels like minus 7 degrees” is cold enough to turn your piping hot cinnamon spice mocha into an icy drink within ten minutes. “Feels like minus 7 degrees” is cold people, and I voluntarily went strolling out in it so I’d have something to show for the first day of Move Your Fat Ass. I don’t know if that means the peer pressure is working or if the cold has made me crazy.

I am amused by their work out calculating system. I answered a bunch of questions when I signed up, all designed to find the perfect work out schedule for my fat ass I’m sure, and wound up with a suggested “minutes per week of ass moving” totaling one hour. One hour! Crimony, people. One hour is nothing in the work out world, but I guess when you answer “Hell no I don’t move unless I absolutely have to” and “Does getting up to go into the kitchen for more Cheetoes count as exercise?” to the survey questions, they probably figure you’ll explode if you do more than that a week.

At least I don’t have frost bite and as a bonus I’ve checked off half my recommended weekly allowance of ass moving in one chilly stroll.

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  1. Delphin Says:

    -7 is nice and warm. Try -24 with windchill! And waiting for the bus in a skirt. Buck up, mate!

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