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It’s the most creative title I cold think of that I haven’t already used to indicate an impending SAST. I was going to look and see if I defined GORP yet, for those of you who are going “What??!?”, but I got two entries in to my search and got bored. So here’s the quick and dirty and possibly redundant explanation: Gobs of Raisins and Peanuts. GORP. At least that’s how it was explained to me way back in the day.

I used to hang with the next door neighbors of my friend’s friend in college and they introduced me to the stuff. They kept a bowl of random miscellany in their dorm room which they called GORP, and which they would fill up here and there with a bag of whatever was on sale or a bag of something they were jonesing for or a bag of random gifted GORP crap. Believe you me, the random gifting of GORP crap was actually quite the popular thing, seeings as we were all college freshmen and seeings as we got a kick out of trying to get them to add the weirdest crap to the bowl. Thus, true GORP is a shifting variable thing in which you probably never meet the same mix twice. Sometimes you would come across a particular tasty mix of GORP, other times not so much. I think most of the fun in going over to hang was to see what the GORP bowl looked like that week.

I am not that creative and usually stick to one proven formula of (Smithee) GORP: Pastel Peanut M&Ms, Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Fishes, Yogurt Raisins and some form of Froot Loopage. It looks weird and tastes good and it’s perfect for the Smithees.

Thought Change! FOOD! I’m ruminating about food planning for next week. I’m also suffering a little bit from food ennui and have been asking people for dinner suggestions. I’d like to use up some of the stuff we have in the freezer (pork cubes/ roasting chicken/ stock/ ground turkey) but I already roasted a chicken fairly recently and I don’t want to have to deal with the carcass (for stock later! BooYAW!). I also don’t want to make stock any time soon because I’ve done that and we currently have about 8 tubs of it in the freezer. I’ve made soup recently so that’s out. We made chili this past Saturday, burgers don’t excite me, turkey meat loaf is way out and I’m on the fence about sloppy turkey joes. Maybe I need to go out and buy more exciting things to chuck into my freezer because damn, I’m teh finicky.

Anyway, so far I’ve got Freezer Soup, Fish, and BLT/Club sammiches on the list (plus Paesanno’s on Valentine’s Day. Yum) and I’m not terribly gung ho about the sammiches. (What the hell? Word just told me that the last bit of that sentence should read “and I are not terribly gung ho”. I are??!? Where is Word getting its grammar instruction?) So, since I have comments open, anyone care to suggest a fun and not too difficult dinner to prepare? Anyone? Bueller?

Changing gears, it’s a whole lot warmer here: Minus oh point seven yesterday and I was told it got all the way up to nine degrees this morning. Whooooo! My back is still just a wee bit twingy from my book organizing accident of Sunday (although a ton better than it was on Monday) however nine degrees is still just a touch insane for walking in. I think I’m going to try the Norditrack tonight instead and see how that goes. It’s at least six times the outside temp in our basement and I can watch McGyver while I ski. Bonus.

Crocheting project 3 and 3a are coming along swimmingly. I’m closing in on being done with two of the eight colors (huzzah!), however I’m entertaining the idea of adding a couple more colors into the mix. I’m calling it my cash saving measure because with four colors I need 13 bits and I can only coax 11 out of one ball o’ yarn. I don’t want to have to buy a whole second ball of yarn of each color for 2 piddly bits (besides, I’m trying to get rid of all my odd ended yarn, not add to the collection) so if I get one or two different colors, I’ll have saved myself the cost of 2 thing-its of yarn. Plus, the projects will have many more shiny! colors. Bonus!

Hey, it’s only a Frankenblanket when the colors aren’t planned.

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