Gooooood Morning Campers!

Or rather “goood whatever time of day it happens to be for you reading out there” if you prefer. I’m not even sure if it’s technically morning here anymore. Meh. I’m feeling a bit low today with the stomach gurgle and a basic ‘feeling like poo’ thing going on. Thus, although I haven’t written the entry yet, I feel today’s font of wisdom may indeed meander from topic to topic in traditional boo fashion. Apologies in advance.

The cats need a bath. Badly. I was picking through my archives and I noticed that this time two years ago was the last time the Weirdoes got dunked. Gol’ almighty that’s a lot of cat spit buildup. Little Kitty especially needs a dunking because phew! She has her some righteous cat breath of the dead which becomes cat stank of the dead every time she gives herself a bath. We tried brushing her teeth the other day in hopes of curbing the vile putrescence coming from that mouth but the whole gig was an exercise in futility. The Little Kitty has a weird poonched in flat mouth that is not conducive to putting cat tooth brushes into and scrubbing. Plus, she’s not real keen on the whole ‘foreign object stuffed into her face’ business. I’m not sure we actually scrubbed any teeth but we sure did piss the cat right off. Well, at least we accomplished something. I think I need to make an appointment with the vet for some hard core teeth cleaning.

I hurt! Yesterday was my day two of exercising for the Move Your Fat Ass challenge and I’m right proud to say that I got in 20 minutes of decent Norditracking. There was a slight hitch mid way through when the Little Kitty came down for a visit and proceeded to walk in front of the machine (where the ski feet go poke-poking out into). I swear, that cat has no brains because heloo-ooo! Ski feet, dumbass. So I tried to poke at her general direction with the ski feet when they were in proper poking position but only managed to shoot my right ski foot clean out of the machine. This necessitated a slight pause in my 20 minutes for ski foot recovery but other than that, it was a good work out. Sadly, the Little Kitty didn’t seem at all phased by a flying ski foot for she spent the rest of my workout hanging out at the front end of the machine. I have a feeling I’m going to have to invest in one of those orange snow fence things to put around the Norditrack or else risk clonking that cat a good one.

But that’s not why I hurt. I hurt because I crocheted up 5 swatches last night. 5! My hands ache just thinking about crocheting. Arrrrrrgh! I did finish up a second color (8 more to go. WHOOO!), and started in on my favoritest color ever in the history of favorite colors. Which I just made up right now. But focus on the pretty, pretty fourth color! Ooooooooo. Yeah, I’m a nut case but the new color is soft and shiny and pretty. Today I’ve scaled back my crocheting goal and I’m only shooting for two swatches made. Maybe. Mostly. Actually, I just may crochet my two swatches until my hands start getting cranky and then stop.

I can, you know. At any time.

The decrapulation project is coming along at a rather comfortable mosey. I’ve been really good about getting something done every day, but some days it’s just a small thing like moving the 1KBWC deck from the middle of the floor to over where the games are congregating. This weekend we plan on moving the entertainment center into the basement so the TV has a place to hang (and possibly all the videos) but I noticed there is quite a lot of stuff in the spot the entertainment center will be parked. Ergo, I’m going to be hanging out downstairs a good portion of the day tomorrow (or Sunday) moving and shaking the stuff that is in the way so we can move that monstrosity to its new digs. This is starting to turn into a much bigger project than I first anticipated. Maybe tonight I’ll make my decrapulation goal to clear out the boxes of whatnot that are next to the tool bench.

I accidentally ate all but one of the next JSFR slated for reviewing so tonight might also be a night of quick reviewing of something else that I haven’t eated all of. Or maybe I’ll just be lazy and buy more of the eaten JSF this weekend and post date the review. Saaaaaaay, writing the review later and post dating it will leave me more Warcraft playing time. I haven’t played any Warcraft since Monday, people, I’m getting symptoms here!

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