Japanese Snack Food Review: Hello Panda Chocolate-Chocolate

Well hello Panda! I was browsing my second or third or possibly fourth favorite Asian Grocery store (oh bother, I was at Hua Xang. There, happy?) and found a new flavor of Panda. In the past there has been vanilla, strawberry and chocolate here at the JSFR and now…errr…chocolate chocolate. See, it’s a chocolate Panda cookie shell with chocolate goo in the inside. Clever no?

Well not so much if you like the panda pics on the cookie shell. Chocolate doesn’t lend itself to showing off the cute panda pictures very well at all. Part of the charm of these cookie critters is the pictures and brown dye on a brown cookie is sort of hard to see. Hrrmph. They do have an exquisite crunch and all my Guinea pigs really remarked on that. All of them. To the Pig even, they had nothing but praise for the light crispity crumbley cookie texture. They also were all pleased with the sweet, melty chocolaty inner goo. It’s a nice solid cocoa flavor with a frosting like consistency that complements the cookie crispity nicely.

However. The cookie shell is what brought these Pandas down from a delightful 4 or 4 plus rating to something that might need a couple shots of sake to munch through. There is something evilly vile about the taste of the chocolate cookie which really ruins the whole Panda eating experience. One of my pigs decided that the shell tasted like Windex. That can’t be good. The others either agreed or came up with their own creative descriptions to name the nasty cookie flavor. Personally, I would say that the cookie shell tastes like ASS (but not quite Puchi Pasuteru ASS) while the rest of the Panda is delicious. Still, delicious surrounded by ASS (or Windex) is still pretty unappealing so I’m going to have to go with a

Rating of 1.5 wasabi peas out of a possible 5.

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