L(ooking) F(or) T(itle)

Lo! And what have we here…a Monday? I love Mondays, I don’t have to think much when updating because WEEKEND RECAP! Except I do have to remember what all happened on Friday and that was three whole days ago. Three! Sometimes that is a challenge unto itself.

I’ll tell you what I didn’t do this weekend: Shop, post a JSFR, move the entertainment center, laundry, and exercise. Wait a minute, that was just about everything I had on my to-do list…what the hell did I even do this weekend??!?

Hmmmm, well Friday was spent crocheting like a mad thing and making boucoup swatches. I think we had the TV on to CSI Miami or something for hours on end and I crocheted the whole time. Ow. OK, I’m going to interrupt this blog for a minute to discuss the CSI bizarre F/X thing they keep doing. I don’t mind all the forensic whoohah (that part’s pretty cool) but they get all techno jiggy with the explanation and cut to this weird surreal demo graphic deelie. One minute the characters are discussing the fibery goodness of a bit of evidence and the next minute we’re in a Tide commercial. Remember the one for Tide tough stain removal formula where they have a goofy computer rendered fabric weave with bits of crap stuck in between? Yeah, CSI does that all the damn time with their spiffy analysis stuff. What’s that about? It’s hokey, jarring and it totally throws me out of the show whenever they do it.

Also, David Caruso is blocked weirdly. He spent a good deal of the two episodes facing in profile to the camera and talking over his shoulder. What’s THAT about?

OK, back to the blog. What was I talking about? Oh right. Friday. So we watched through a bunch of CSI Miami shows and then a stupid Japarican horror movie called The Grudge. Meh, it was creepy (especially the part where the apparition chick comes gahgloomering down the hall towards the security camera until she blacks it completely out. Then – SCREE! SCREE! SCREE!! GIANT SPOOKY CRAZY EYEBALLS!!! That shit scared the beejeebus out of me) but it didn’t make a lot of sense. Afterwards, along with being creeped out by GIANT SPOOKY CRAZY EYEBALLS!! I started asking questions like: What about the real estate dude? Didn’t he get eaten? And why wasn’t the mom eaten until well into the film? Hows come the professor took a header but the new couple was moldering in the attic? Why did the nurse get eaten and not moldered? This movie has no internal logic!!!

Saturday was Warcraft and Joel’s party. Wow (the expression), that was pretty short and sweet.

Sunday I was going to go shopping in the morning but the decrapulation project ate my brain. It all started out so innocent: I decided I might as well pull off the rest of the graphic novels and wipe down the shelves while I was waiting for the hot water to recharge. Then, as long as the newly vacated shelves were staring me in the eyeballs, I thought I might as well pull out all the games and at least organize them while I waited for the hot water to recharge. Then, of course, the previous game shelves were bald and begging to be wiped down. Which I did. While waiting for the hot water to recharge. By this time, the first shelves were dry, so I organized the games onto them and hey! This gave the second bunch of shelves time to dry off so I stuffed the graphic novels onto them.

Ahhh. Organization. And also two and a half hours after I decided to go up and take a shower. At least the water was warm right?

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