More of the Same

So hey, check out the Elefante! Over there. On the side. Where I put it. All by myself…yeah, there.

I did that!

The Great Tea Escapade

Well, I was partially right about Day 4 predictions: there was dirt and they did not need to be watered. But, I did not predict the mold like fuzz that the flared bowl picked up. Mold? Ewww!

DAY 5: Dammit dammit son of a Nyarrrrrg! Well, they don’t need water. Either of them. I have two cups of mold. MOLD! Garooooooss. Heh. OK, now it’s time to see which is stronger. It’s time for WWF Mold/Tea wrastlin action. My experiment mutated.

Hmmmm. So I was going to do some more Proctoring Doodles but a thing has come up and I worked on that instead. Out of the blue, a former coworker contacted me about doing some consulting work for a lab that wants to start up their own lab. Cool. No, way cool. Way.

So I told him I’d be interested but I wanted to do some research first. See, it’s been a bit since I worked in the field and things most likely have changed. Given the industry, well given any industry really, I can’t imagine a huge radical change but a couple of years is enough time to change a test or add another or what have you. I would like to at least get a good estimate. Heh! “Then I shall make the best guess I can.”

So I spent the half hour making a list of all the stuff I could remember and what equipment would be associated with them. No doodles. Sadness.

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