I Don’t See How A Comment Is Any Tastier

Did you know that the tea is Constant ComMENT and not Constant ComET? I had no idea until I picked some up whilst shopping yesterday and TheMan made a computer funny about it. I totally didn’t get where he was coming from and he thought I was a total goon head for saying Constant Comet all these years. I still don’t know where he’s coming from with his computer funny, but at least I’ve corrected some tea lore I had wrong.

Personally, I think Comet is a better description. Comets get hot when they enter the atmosphere and tea is usually hot right? And if it’s iced tea, well then comets in space are cold right? Right! On the other hand, when has anyone’s tea ever nattered on about this and that? NEVER! Hrrmph.

Before I get on with the blog today I have to correct an oversight. TheMan was reading yesterday’s entry and asked why I hadn’t mentioned the stir fry. I told him that some things just wind up on the editing floor when an entry gets too long and yesterday’s something was the stir fry. This made him sad. He was about bustin with pride over his five meat stir fry (chicken, pork, salmon, scallops and shrimp) and with good reason. It was the best stir fry in five counties. You might think that five meats would be a bit much but you would be totally wrong with regards to TheMan’s stir fry. It was freekin fantastic and it’s still mighty yummy as leftovers. Thus, the stir fry is back in today because it was the BOMB and must be mentioned so y’all can get all jealous like of my man’s 1337 cooking 5ki11z.

Speaking of food, I’m doing exceedingly well on following my meal plan for this week, but only because I haven’t written it down yet. HA! Every meal we eat is the meal for the day. I love it! Or maybe I’m just lazy and haven’t gotten around to planing anything, which is more likely the case. So! To curb that back slide into sloth, here’s the mealage for this week. Ish.

Sunday: Five meat stir fry OF DOOM!

Monday: BBQ pork sammiches

Tuesday: Freezer Soup

Wednesday: Paesanos (babE!)

Thursday: Fridge clean out

Friday: Appleby’s

Saturday: Pork stew

There you have it, unless I decide to make the pork stew on Thursday. I took the day off Thursday because I totally plan on having a giant ass cappuccino for dinner tomorrow. I know from past experience that a full on cappuccino and work the next day do not mix (and really, what’s the point of decaf?) so I dealt with the greater of two evils. I’m also taking Friday off just on account. Whooo! If you are wondering about the Friday night eating out (for I had explained that the food planning idea was to save money by limiting the times we eat out and twice in one week isn’t exactly being frugal), that’s because we are going out to eat with coworkers and then to a movie. Yeah, I know! A real movie! Ghost Rider opens Friday and it looks awesome. I really hope Nicholas Cage doesn’t suck.

Crocheting. Ow my hands! I left my stuff at home today since I’m unable to Stop! Making! Swatches! and I think I’m getting RSI in my pinky finger. I did up something like 5 swatches on Saturday and 3 on Sunday and then 3 on Monday when I had planned on only making one swatch. Oh the pain! On the plus side, I have just about three colors finished (I’m on the last swatch of color three), Color four is half way done and I’ve started in on five and six. Pretty.

The reason I crocheted like a mad thing Monday, when I had only planned on doing one swatch, is that we got caught up in watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. It’s amazing how crocheting just flies when you have the TV on and you aren’t really paying attention. Ow. One of our friends who shows dogs said that his breeder (who may be a co-owner of our friend’s dog) is in the competition, but their breed doesn’t get judged until tomorrow. Still, dogs is fun to watch. Apparently, they did all the breed judging during the day and the night time festivities were devoted to “best in category” or group or, well all the toy dogs were competing against each other and all the sporting dogs and…you get the idea. I have to say though, what’s with the manhandling of the tiny pooches? Dayum! They haul those suckers around by the leash (urk!) and the tail. That can’t be comfortable and didn’t their mommas tell them to never yank on a dog’s tail like that? The second method of dog handling is to air lift the front end of the dog by the leash and the back end of the dog by the balls. I guess the tail yanked dogs have it easy no?

About half the handlers lifted their dogs with the tail yank or the sack grab while the other half scooped the dogs up around the belly/ribs like normal people. Really, who reaches between a dog’s legs for a firm hand hold when they need to get their pooch up onto something? Note to self: Do NOT shake hands with handlers of tiny dogs.

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