Japanese Snack Food Review: Pucca (Sweet Potato)

Happy Valentine’s day! Look, I got you something red and something chocolate. It says so right on the package.

Actually I have no idea why these say “chocolate” on the package while sporting a lovely sesamed sweet potato picture as well. There’s really nothing chocolate about them, unless the inner goo is some form of sweet potato flavored white chocolate. In that case, I guess technically they are within their rights to advertise ‘chocolate’ but don’t go into this Pucca expecting cocoa-y goodness because you will be sadly disappointed. Fractional itty bitty irksome misrepresented pea point deduction for that. Also…it seems as if we have sesame and sweet potato paired up again. I thought maybe the Satsumaimo Pretz was a freak anomaly with the sesame and yam but apparently not. I’m going to have to check that taste combination out one of these days. But for now, I’ll say that the Pretz has a little bit more of the sesame nutty than the Pucca.

Sweet Potato Pucca has the Pucca fishie/Pac Man bland pretzel shell which we’ve seen in New York Cheese cake, Almond and Chocolate. However, my Pucca are slightly…dusted? with a very faint inner goo taste and that seems to tip them over into acceptable pretzelness. I don’t know why and I don’t know if it’s just my package specifically (perhaps one of my fishies had a containment breach and got over the other fishies?) but I hardly notice the lack of saltiness on the pretzel shell. Instead there is a sweet almost yammy pretzely quality to the outside that’s rather tasty.

The inside is…sweet. Very sweet. My favorite Guinea Pig thought they had a strong artificial flavor to them and rallied for a low rating. I think he just doesn’t much like the yam. And what about the yam? Well, the goo is creamy with maaaaaaybe a faint hint of sesame nutty and a slight titch of some odd flavoring but yam? Well, perhaps…way up in the sinuses a bit. I don’t know, I’m tasting something that could be yam I guess but I wouldn’t have nailed the flavor in a blind taste test. Another Guinea Pig was quite (and comically) surprised by the Pucca’s sweetness. After his shock, he said that they were alright but he wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. I think they are fairly tasty and I don’t particularly taste a chemicalness to them, but I do taste the odd flavoring which I’m going to label the yam. I’m also going to deduct a little more fractional pea points for not following through with the yam.

I am amused by the pictures. I guess the Pucca are both fishies and Pac Man entities. Huh!

Finally, there is no pork lard in this iteration of yam JSF, but I did find Gardenia.

I think some of you might enjoy this Pucca, some of you not so I’m going to give them a 3 rating (add or subtract pea points from there depending on whether or not you like the yam) but then deduct half a pea for not being particularly chocolaty or particularly yammy for a grand total

Rating of 2.5 wasabi peas out of 5.

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