Six Flakes a-Falling

Hrrrmph. Well, it did snow I guess; the bug was dusted with a little bit of white powder which means, in the strict definition of the word, it snowed last night.

It could do a little bit better in my opinion. I would love to wake up tomorrow to 3 feet of snow and big fat lazy flakes still drifting down. I could get up, make some fresh baked bready thing and some hot cocoa and bring it back to TheMan in bed, wake him up with small kisses and a tray of food and the two of us could snuggle and have breakfast as we watched the flakes fall outside while a fire crackled inside.

Which is all well and good, but we have to go to the mumses tomorrow for Christmas. So maybe it can snow three feet on everything but the roads. That would be nice. Oh and not on the sidewalks either because I hate shoveling the bug out and I hate even more getting snow down my boots when it is higher than the tops of them. Except I don’t have my boots at TheMan’s house. I don’t think. I ought to look into where they have gotten off to, after all I have 2 pair of the same darn style of boots (courtesy of finding too good a storage space for them come spring. Two years and an identical replacement pair later I found the originals packed away on the sun porch).

We’d have to have a fireplace too, and I would have to have the desire to get up at oh dark hundred to make goodies and that would assume TheMan wasn’t a grumpy butt about getting up, which he can be. Me? I’m ALL sweetness and light. Am too! But the image is nice. I love snow (except for the inconvenience of it). It’s nice and white and pretty and muffles the sound of everything. It’s very cozy and very romantic and at the moment, very missing from my world. Not so happy about that.

I have my order in, though. We are heading up north, where they have a three week growing season and it starts to snow around labor day so I am all about big snow. I’m pretty sure it wont happen down here but the forecast for the U.P. says it will be below freezing and a good chunk of the days have snow shower icons. Yay! Bring on the snow! Except, could it please only snow when we are not traveling and maybe not so much on the roads and sidewalks so people don’t get all trapped or crunched in an accident or dead from snow shoveling heart attacks? OK, thanks then. I’ll be bringing my hot cocoa, warmies and hopes of lots of big fat snow snowing and, of course, TheMan all snuggled up next to me. His parents even have a fireplace! Today, it’s go snow day! Whooo!

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