Post Valentine’s Vacation Day Picto-blog

Hee! I’m on Vay-Cay-Tion! And as such I’ve done SQUAT all day long! Well I did get up super going into work early so I could drop TheMan off at his place of employment (because I’m a nice wife and decided I might could do that soas he didn’t have to find a place to park, which would have been nowhere since they cut a bagillion parking places but not a bagillion people). I had plans to come back and play WoW, or work on the decrapulation project but…

I came home to this. She looks so cute and sleepy that I decided to join her in napping. So I did. Until 12:30. No worries, I’m on VACATION!!!

I did little of importance from 12:30 to the time I had to leave to pick up TheMan save a little shopping. Oh and camera bugging. Here are a couple of my budding Ansel shots…

I call this one “The Fall of Mankind”. Heh, OK not really. I actually named the file “artsay1feb1507” but if I had to give it an Artsay-Fartsay name I’d probably go with “Winter Vines” or “Winter [whatever-the-hell-these-plants-are]”. Yeah, I’m a creative thing, aren’t I?

Here’s my second Ansel shot of the day. Ideally, the snow drift fella and icicle would be in focus, maybe, but I also sort of liked how the trees in the background came out crisp and clear. I might take another pic tomorrow on manual focus (soas to get the drift and not the trees) and see how that turns out.

Then it was off to the store before collecting TheMan. But first…Was sehen Sie…

Ein Fallus?!

That’s a water tower, believe it or not, despite the interesting architectural style. It’s also the laughing stock of the town. Hey, if you are really clever you might spot the quarter of a VW Beetle on top of the restaurant on the left. Slug Bug One Quarter!

Lookie! Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store Number Two. I think. Anyway, this is Hua Xing. Eventually I’ll get a pic of all of them but for now, huzzah! Hua Xing!

I ducked into the Michael’s mall complex to pick up some more colors for Crochet projects 3 and 3a. The new colors are the two that have not yet been balled up on the right there and the colors are arranged according to project (crochet project 3 being the top row and 3a being the bottom row). In case you have been wondering what the colors were when I mentioned color 1 or 2 or 5, they are (from the upper left): Color 1, color 2, color 5, color 8, color 10. Bottom row: Color 3, color 4, color 6, color 7, color 9. Now you know.

I saw these near the check out lane. Bubblegum crayons? Genius! So I picked them up! Yes I did. And I ATE one. Yes I did. They taste like ASS if you were curious.

I then moseyed over to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up…

a new dish rack. Our old one threw a shoe, which puts the whole balance off. It’s also pretty old and a little rusted through. Hence why it ditched one of its feet. I like new stuff…shiny!

Hey look, Zombies don’t weigh anything! TheMan had asked after a kitchen scale and since I was in the area and since they had one, I got one. The Zombie is quite pleased, it thought it was getting a little chubby around the middle and was dreading going on a reduced brain diet.

I also picked up a wheelie container for the Smithee stuff. Huzzah! The wheelie container is on the bottom, the old Smithee stuff container is on top and the button maker is that cardboard box behind the two. Decrapulation! And wheels! Huzzah!

Not pictured are the book shelf thing-its (for keeping the books from falling all over the place), some magnetic clips and two cinnamon spice mochas. Heh. The things I did NOT get were: A bigger cooling rack, a flan pan, a tinier bundtlet pan, a heart shaped bundt pan, itty bitty flanlet pans, a 3 in 1 springform pan package, sheets, a bucket o’ cosmo, cashews, organizer things and peanut M&Ms. Look at the money I saved not getting all the stuff I wanted to!

I got home and found Little Kitty napping in a different position in the kitty bed. That is one lazy cat!

Isaak decides he’s had enough sleep and it’s time for the evening abulations. Back behind the cat you can see a small pile of crap awaiting decrapulation. I hadn’t realized that there was a wine bottle back there…that would explain where the fourth wine sealer jobber has gotten off to. The cereal box holds about a bajillion glow in the dark bouncy balls and I have no idea what’s in the Amazon box.

Little kitty decides she’s had enough napping…in the kitty bed. It’s a wonder she doesn’t have bed sores from all that napping. Of course, she does get up to wander off somewhere else to nap every now and then.

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