Lazy Is As Lazy Does

Hi again! Welcome to another edition of “Boo’s Weekend Recap” with your host, boo.

Hi everybody! Boo here with your Monday Weekend Recap. This weekend at the Q house was an extra long weekend since I had Thursday and Friday off while TheMan took Friday off. Thursday, I pretty much did absolutely nothing that I had intended to do, which I documented (lookie look, I posted an update for y’all WHILE I was home on vacation! See how I go to lengths for you people?). I did get my bit of decrapulation done though, so yay me. I have no idea what it was, however, so I can’t regale you with that bit of info. All I know is that I have not yet missed a day of moving, cleaning, organizing or at least finding a home for something that is lying about in the house. Granted, one day all I did was take a bottle of hand lotion that had been sitting on the bar downstairs up to the bedroom and only that because it was 11 at night and I had forgotten to do anything up until that time (plus, the other hand lotion was just about gone). However! One bottle of hand lotion is now in its proper place. This leaves just 99 more bits of stuff to organize, but that bottle of hand goo is no longer one of them. Huzzah!

My theory is ‘every little (and I emphasize the word little here) bit helps’. Also, I figure the days when I go ballistic nuts and wind up organizing book shelves for 4 hours balance out the bottle of hand goo days. Speaking of ballistic nuts, TheMan was going to go condoing this weekend until he choose poorly in his work out times. He got an amazingly good upper body workout in the morning, and you can’t beat that with a sharp stick, but when your hands are so shaky and tremory that you can’t put a piece of toast in the toaster without bracing the toasting arm, you might want to rethink condowork. Just sayin’.

Instead, he hermited his shaky self in the computer room and plowed through all the free floating cruft that had been accumulating in there. Wow (the expression). I would have sworn to you that he traded in our old computer room with a newer cleaner model when I laid eyes on the progress. I think he went through five years of accumulated “What do I do with THIS thing? Eh, put it in a pile and deal with it later” and dealt with it. Pretty. He also found and organized all the tax stuff and got that ready to go. Huzzah taxes! No…wait. The only thing(s) left to attack in that room are two small book cases which…whatever. I don’t mind bookshelves so much; they’re sort of isolated cruft containment units which do a fairly decent job of making things look organized even when nothing really is. I can ignore a crap infested bookcase for quite some time.

Saturday = WoW (the game) and that’s pretty much how the whole day went.

Friday, since I appear to be jumping around horribly in a confusing temporal manner, we may have played some Alliance WoW (the game) for a bit, or I may have gotten my cleaning bug on. I don’t rightly remember. I could say both and probably be fairly accurate. I think Friday was also the day I discovered that while tasty, Velveeta single slices on eggs aren’t all that I thought they might be cracked up to be. Plus, the clean up is a nightmare.

Friday night also included a trip to the movies! In an actual theater! With actual movie prices! That we had to put a second mortgage out on the house to afford! Seriously…$20 for two people for a movie? Does that seem excessive to anybody else or am I just turning into a geezer? I could by the DVD first run (no sales) for that much and have as many people over as I wanted to watch it for that price. I’m beginning to think that watching a movie on the big screen really isn’t all that compared to the money saved by waiting and buying the DVD (on sale!). Sure you don’t get to see the movie now! now! now! but really. $20? I can wait four months for half the cost and a comfier chair to watch it in. I’m not particularly bothered that my TV won’t project Nicholas Cage’s head twice my height and five times my width.

By the way, Mr. Cage (hee! That just sounds weird. Mr. Cage) did not suck up a storm. Two thumbs up for Ghost Rider and an extra thumb for flaming, motorcycle riding, chain wielding skeleton headed protagonist!

Lastly, food. I went shopping for four items and spent a bazillion dollars. Why? ARRRGH! Someday I hope to hit the sweet spot of shopping and wind up spending $50 a week on groceries as a regular thing. Someday. Hopefully before we are bankrupt because ARRRRGH! On the plus side, the cupboards and freezer are about bursting with goodies so I think I can cut back on “Operation: Fill my larder”. Now I have to figure out how to balance “Operation: Use up all the larder” with “Operation: Keep the larder reasonably stocked” so that no food is wasted and the grocery shopping gets down to a reasonable staples run with an occasional deal finding. It’s like balancing your checkbook only with cows and potatoes. Still working on that.

So! Given that, here is the MEAL PLAN for the week. Give or take.

Sunday: Black Bean Burritos Fridge Clean out

Monday: Freezer Soup Black Bean Burritos

Tuesday: Pork chops, kraut and mashed taters.

Wednesday: Tuna Melts

Thursday: Fridge clean out

Friday: White chili

Saturday: Brats and home made buns.

(Yeah, we changed it up already. GUIDELINES!!!!)

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