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Whooo! Happy Paczki day. And remember kids, one Paczki will do you for the rest of lent (and beyond).

Today we are celebrating Fat Tuesday with the traditional Pizza Posse lunch. Mmmm, pizza. This is the third year of the Fat Tuesday Pizza Posse lunch and the second year after the institution of the Pizza Posse Matrix. That came about because Pizza House, the traditional haunt of the Fat Tuesday Pizza Posse, is not exactly the speediest pizza joint in town (and we only gotsz an hour yo) and we can not make up our minds about anything when we all get there. Seriously. Getting a pizza order down for more than 4 people is challenging and any more than that is neigh impossible. We usually have around ten posse, ergo-matrix! (And also I leave a little bit early to get the pizza order in so it’s ready by the time everyone gets there.)

But first, I scored a Paczki. Now I’m craving a little protein, perhaps some green leafies. Something healthy minded at least. Uuurp.

Crocheting! Color 4 done! Huzzah! Crocheting! Color 4 had not quite enough yarn to make a complete 12th swatch. Huzzah leftover yarn of other colors! And say hello to the definite first square of Frankenblanket; my 99% pink with about a quarter of a row of blue thrown in to complete the swatch. I love it.

TheMan and I got to being all silly this morning with classical music (you know, like singing “Tu-na, tu-na, tu-na, tu-na, tu-na tu-na, tuuuuuu-nafish!” to the melody of Ode to Joy. What? Doesn’t everybody do that? No? FREAKS!) and somehow started singing our own special rendition of “Fanfare for the Common Pirate”. Hey, it makes us giggle and it keeps our pulse on culteur while feeding our inner two year olds. Anyway, it reminded me of a couple classical music stories.

My dad was a huge classical music dork and liked to play his favorite tunes for us when we were wee. Is there anything more boring to a little kid than listening to Mozart? Nope. None more boring (sorry there, Mozart, but like that one rich dude said “There are simply too many notes” and to a little kid, there really are) because little kids just don’t have the brain sophistication to appreciate the nuances of a bazillion notes played at the same time. Well, not the whole piece played at once in one resounding BLAT but lots of music all happening simultaneously. It’s confusing! You have to start little kids out on the more basic pieces, like Beethoven stuff (YAY Symphony 5!) or maybe some Wagner or something with much fewer notes because that stuff is more fun. And probably you can sing “tuna” to the melody of those works much easier.

One of my first memories of cool classical tunes was the morning my dad got me up very early so I could listen to his classical station come on line. This was back in the day when radio stations (and maybe some TV stations too) went off the air at a certain time at night and then came back on in the morning. His classical station would always begin the day’s transmissions with Fanfare for the Common Man and for whatever reason, I was really geeked about hearing that. I think also, I was geeked about being up and having breakfast with my dad as he was usually long gone to work by the time my mom would get us up for school.

So there I was, maybe six years old sitting in the kitchen with my dad in the dark hours of the morning listening to the hiss of static, possibly eating some eggs and toast he fixed up and waiting. Then, the staticy white noise magically dissolved into that beautiful and distinctive solo French horn part. Bum-bahm-buuuuuuuhm! Bum-bahm-buuuuhm! Bohm!! Bohm!! Bohm!! Bohm!! Add the drums, some more instruments playing the same original theme or a variation on it and it was a golden moment.

Out of this background of classical exposure, I developed a thing for Beethoven. I’d love listening to my selected symphonies discs while doing homework or just relaxing or whatever just as much as I liked listening to my rock and roll stuff. However. Classical music has one flaw that Rock usually doesn’t: dynamics. Man, some classical stuff gets quiet quiet…like one violin plaintively stringing along quiet which is no big if you are in a concert hall but on a CD? About impossible to hear. There’s nothing more irking than to have to get up and adjust the volume on your stereo so you can catch that plaintive violin (for it really is a lovely violin part). Then, when the violin is done doing its violin thing, you have to get back up (or stay there) and readjust the volume when the tubas come oomphing in. Pain! In! The! ASS!

One day at college I was listening to my Beethoven’s Fifth CD (good stuff Maynard!) and I totally forgot about that irksome classical music trait. The third part of the symphony is a sort of lolling quiet thing, which gets gradually quieter over the length of the piece. Of course I gradually turned the volume up so I could still hear it and everything was good. Finally, in the very last few measures there are just one or two violins and a wind instrument playing so pianissimo that they are actually just sitting there thinking the part at the audience. Bum-ba-debum-bum-ba-de … … Bum-bum-ba-de………

The thing about this particular passage is that it’s one continuous flow between the third part and the fourth part. No break. No pause between track 3 and track 4 where the CD player might have a little dead air. Nope. It flows from the three telepathic instruments to the entire orchestra (and in some cases the orchestra practicing in the next concert hall over) full on, no holds barred in the space of about two beats. And here I was, on the other side of the room when I realized that if I had the volume cranked high enough that I could clearly hear the key clicks of the wind instruments, I had exactly deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee DeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE before I spectacularly blew my stereo system into oblivion.

Jay and Silent Bob have nothing on “Fly fat ass, fly!” I’m just sayin.

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