We saw that particular vanity plate on an SUV [edit: my bad, it was one of them there big boxy hybrid things…but it looked like an SUV!] driving home last week. We were also chewing gum at the time and if that’s not a plate that begs you to launch your chewed up wad o’ gum at said car, I have no idea what is. Don’t worry, we didn’t. But we did randomly cry out at the top of our lungs (all plaintive like) 4UEARTH! followed by the appropriate gum hoarking sounds for most of the weekend. Yes, we are two years old…why do you ask?

Ummm…yeah. Updating. Didn’t do much of it last week because…ahhh…I can’t even think up a good excuse. I think it boils down to “I’m a lazy couch fuck” so let’s leave it at that shall we? Otherwise, I think I’ll go with the standard alien abduction excuse. Those damn aliens, causing me to not update. What’s that about??!?

Thursday night my brain kicked it into overtime until 4:30 Friday morning at which point it came up with the mother of all evil headaches and decided that hey! Maybe it was a tad sleepy, y’know? Now that it figured out the solution to world peace and also how to make a perfect loaf of bread in a bread machine every single time. I think Dirge can relate; I remember him figuring out his finances to the penny for the next ten years one late brain crazy night back in ’99 or something like that. I’m never that industrious so I read until my brain quit with the whirring. Consequently, I took a day off from work on Friday and slept the sleep of the dead until late afternoon.

On the plus side, I finished another book in my quest to read an average of two books a month this year. So far, I’m at four books and it’s the end of February. Not bad, especially considering book 3 (The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse) was like pulling teeth to get through. I had to set aside reading time to chew through a single chapter (for I told myself that I had to read the book, even if it was a single chapter at a time) and I still found excuses to delay that time as long as I could. The story was amusing (once it got rolling…11 chapters in) but the writing was driving me crazy. I’m just not into Rankin’s style I guess. Book 4 was either really that much better (Memoirs of a Geisha) or that much better in comparison. Either way, I really enjoyed reading it. I’m thinking March’s book theme is going to be sequels. I pulled out Flatland to read and I have Flatterland as well. I might even go for three books as Flatland is 75 pages or something like that.

Moving! My! Fat! Ass! Well, I’m doing it, sorta, but it has not become as regular a thing as I was hoping it would. Still, moving is moving. The whole Move! Your! Fat! Ass! initiative at the U has helped quite a lot with my motivation because as usual I wound up putting things off until the weekend. Then on Saturday I thought “Uh-oh. I still need to Move! My! Fat! Ass! for an hour this week and now I only have a few short days to do it!” So I up and moved that fat ass this weekend and made my fat ass moving quota instead of sitting on it and thinking about how I should have done it. Mind you, ideally I’d be moving my fat ass at intervals during the week instead of cramming it in all at the deadline but hey. Moved my ass and that’s what counts.

I’m even working on the Save Some Damned Money Initiative in the guise of not going shopping this week. What? It was Uuuugly out there on Sunday (my designated shopping day as we spent the entire day Saturday playing Warcraft. We iz lazy Cheeto Butts!), and I wasn’t going to go out in that ice and narst. No-way, Jose. Plus, I didn’t particularly want to go out for just cheese, a trash can and some other incidental whatsit because NARST (and lazy)! After taking stock (hee!) of our larder, I determined that we could go one more week with what we had and not be hurting for food. Macs and cheese is your friend!

Sadly, I sustained an injury conferring with the freezer chest on what all we had to make into eats. I dredged up some brats, stock and some ground turkey and then I tried to liberate a fryer. Does anyone else’s hands get really cold really fast when freezer diving? I keep forgetting that if I’m moving more that a couple things or trying to fish out more than one thing that I need to wear gloves. By the time I found the fryer, my fingers were on fire. Of course, instead of doing the correct thing and stopping to put on gloves, I figured a couple seconds more of wrestling the bird out of its frozen grave shouldn’t harm anyone. WRONG! First off, when your fingers start to burn from cold, that’s the body saying “Hey, CUT IT OUT!” Second, I think the fryer made friends with the other stuff in there and the other stuff wasn’t about to let its new fryer friend go without a struggle. I have cuts and bruises people! One should not come out of a freezer expedition bloodied and with light frost bite.

And by the way, frost bite is weird. My fingers were numb for about five minutes after I had them out of the freezer even though they didn’t feel cold anymore.

OK, I’ve gabbered on enough. Here are some fun cat pics I took last week of the weirdoes being their weirdo selves.

Vande has found a new sleeping place other than the kitty bed. Half the time I find her lying about with her paws completely submerged under the depths of the dresser.

The “I” is more of a burrower. He made himself a little cat cave in the covers to sleep in. Awwwwww…I think I popped my pancreas looking at this shot.

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