Hey! A Tuesday post! I just have an amusing story to relate which is (probably unfortunately) World of Warcraft related, but I’ll try to make it all generic and fun like. That way the 95% of you who don’t play the game but read the booniverse can be amused without thinking “Blah, blah WoW (the game) technogarble”. Hopefully. Anyway, here it goes!

Yesterday, TheMan and I were dinking around with our high level Horde characters trying to figure out something to do. Our options were to level up, which involves actual thinking and doing on our part, or screw around, which we are (quite frankly) much better at. As a bonus, they are currently running an in-game event which panders to our basic laziness so we decided to go about doing that. The goal of the event is to simply find a bunch of dudes and then click on them. Piece of cake. They even thoughtfully put each event dude in a giant, highly visible, column of light which makes them super easy to find. Laziest event ever! The only catch is that the dudes are scattered everywhere, including deep in enemy territory.

No worries! We were getting bored with killing miscellaneous whatnot so a romp through computer controlled characters (who are programmed to kill opposing faction players on sight) AND people controlled characters (who live for killing opposing faction players on sight) sounded like fun. Plus it’s always a gas to run through the other side’s low level zone and watch the newbies freak out. There are a fair number of Warcraft players who get their kicks out of steamrolling their high level character through a beginner zone just so they can leave a wake of bodies behind. I hate that sort of play style but it does tend to foster a sense of panic in the other side when you pop up in their beginner zones. I’m not above driving a high level through a bunch of newbies just to create a little pandemonium and chaos. Good times!

Anyway, because we were bored, TheMan and I decided to ride up the tunnel system into the Alliance side beginner zone and find the event dude stationed there. The run was fairly uneventful until the very end when we met a couple low level Alliance characters coming down the tunnel system. Naturally, they freaked when they saw us and we got to see their characters do that sudden weird jerky dance of “So…how much further is it to-JESUS CHRIST!! HORDE!!1!!” Sometimes they even run into walls trying to do evasive maneuvers. Heh.

No walls were besmirched with newbie Alliance faces last night but as we passed them, “ElfChik” managed to get it together enough to type a holler to the whole zone. Unfortunately, Warcraft scrambles anything in text that the opposite side might type at you (rendering ‘hi’ as ‘ix’ or ‘kub’) so you can’t understand them. On the other hand, I pretty much got the idea when my chat window popped up with: ElfChik yells: LARS!!

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