My Bad

Well alllright then! Apparently I’m a two day a week plus post dated JSFR updating boo. Lemmie see if I can fix that and maybe post at least one more day this week because two entries is just plain lazy blogging. Hmmmm…if I did a picto-blog I’d get more camera futzing in (if you’ve seen the JSFR pics lately, you’d be jumping up and down with joy and anticipation of me getting some camera practice in. Truly, they couldn’t get much worse) plus I’d have another day of posting and I wouldn’t have to do a lot of thinking about content since PRETTY PICTURES!

I would have to upload them all though. Hrrrrrm.

At least today I get to slack a bit and do a weekend recap. Here it goes: Warcraft! I have nothing fun or cute to post about that other than we played a lot of Horde and now my Horde alt is really close to the same level as my Alliance main. Looks like I’ll have to take the crazy gnome out for a spin or two and level him up. At least I finally got the stoopid epic mount. Huzzah and zoom! Now I have to save up for a flying mount because that’s the next biggest and bestest thing ever. *sigh*

I also want to jump off the edge of the world just to see how long the game will render a falling gnome before it gets bored and kills off my crazy toon. What? The new place, as best as I can figure, is this giant (but pretty!) floating in space asteroid thing with critters and crap stuck to the top part and a whole bunch of bottomless nothing around it. Or so they want you to think. I do believe a bit of ‘splorin! is in order.

Saturday our WoW (the game) playing was interrupted by a fella from the local news mag wanting to do a Smithee interview. Huzzah! So we headed on out to Starbucks for a (one and a half hour) chat. He was very interested in the A2 Smithee experience rather than the Origins Smithee experience which was pretty understandable. Being as he is writing for an A2 mag and all. We talked about this and that, pointed out some differences between the two shows and righted his mis-information that the A2 show is a dress rehearsal or warm up show for the Origins gig. Not so much. As the writer fella said, “How can the A2 Smithees be a dress rehearsal when the Origins Smithees has a different host?”

The last and saddest thing that happened this weekend is that I broke my boo mug. *sniff* I went to put my pot of tea on the designated pot of tea spot at my computer desk and as I was carefully maneuvering it past the keyboard, the pot reached out and bit my boo mug. CRASH! Poor boo mug wound up shedding its handle (while I’m sure my tea pot cackled) in a most spectacular way. Wah! Fortunately I was able to locate some super glue and stuck it all together but now I’m paranoid. They say that super glue will stick a guy wearing a hard hat to a steel beam but what about its ability to stick porous mug material back together? I don’t wanna be drinking my hot! coffee and have the super glue give way and spill fiery liquid on my crotch. That’s never a good thing.

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2 Responses to “My Bad”

  1. Amy Says:

    Hot liquid on crotch is indeed always a big idea.

    *Dress rehearsal* my ass. And someone really could use a dress rehersal himself, and it ain’t M^2.

    That’s my imprudently angry comment for the day!

  2. Boo Says:

    Heh. You already got my imprudently angry comment yesterday. Does that mean I get a fresh one today? Oh I *am* looking forward to that. And also? The interview guy was a HOOT!

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