It’s What Teh Inernets Are For!

Last Friday my brain BSODed at about 3pm so I decided to give it a bit of an internets break. It had been a good brain all day so I figured that a little surfing might recharge its batteries and then I could squeeze a liiiiiittle bit more work out of it. What can I say? I was in the middle of a project. Anyway, I went to all my usual sites but nobody was updating so no brain entertainment was to be found. Bastards! Hate that (yes, the world does revolves around me…why should you need to ask?). This meant that I would have to find something else to read and that’s always a pain in the butt (as well as a crap shoot). So I clicked on a “this is who I read!” link off of a site I usually visit.

Mind you, I’ve read this particular link before on occasion (re: when nobody’s updated) and she can be a bit raunchy but what I hadn’t expected was a whole new site revamp. Instead of a blog thing, she had parceled out her page into a grid of 4 x 4 pictures which…Okay. I guessed that she had some sort of picto-post going on, which is good. Eye candy makes BSOD brain happy. So I settled down to peruse the pictures on her shiny new blog page. The first one was one of those perfect body shirtless male model pics where the guys are vamping around so serious with the ‘you can not fathom the pain of what it’s like to be this beautiful’ faces. Which…weird. I never figured this Texas housewife to be one for shirtless vamping male models.

Then I began to pay a little bit more attention to the pic and…oh, say. Not only were the models shirtless but they appeared to be pantsless as well. And sitting on a couch rather than vamping around…or at least one guy was on the couch. The other guy was sitting on the first guy’s lap and…wait-a-minute….oh. Oh! Oh my.

You know, when you pirate kiddies decide to up and usurp someone’s site, could you maybe put up a “not safe for work” sign or something? Yikes. On the other hand, I now know a new gay male sex position. Right then. Brain recharged! Back to statistics.

Also, if you are looking for Rob Rummel-Hudson’s site, it is darnHYPHENtootin not darntootin. The later will get you to another porn site and this one will spawn windows like a split three pound bag of M&Ms rains candies. I happened on this bit of information while hanging around the Circ desk and let me tell you; Control-Alt-Delete is your friend!

And as always, sinfestdotNET.

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