Por Qué Español?

For some reason, the copier woke up speaking Spanish today. This wouldn’t have been so bad if I had realized this before I asked the machine to chug me out 30 copies of a booklet or if I spoke any useful Spanish at all. Do they teach you what the words for “ARRRGH! No! Stop copying! STOOOOOOP!” are in intro Spanish?

I’m also thinking this may be a sign that I ought to pick up some basic language skills. First a whole pack of documents up and decide that they are only recognizing French as an official language and now the copier has gone south of the border. Hows come nothing ever breaks out into spontaneous German? That I could have figured out (ARRRGH! Nein! Bilden Sie nicht ab! HAAAAAAAAAALT!) Instead, I madly stabbed at buttons until I hit the right one and the machine quit with the copying. Then, since the mechanical buttons hadn’t changed languages (we have a cool mostly touch screen copier), I got into the admin page and told it to cut it out already with the Spanish.

Here’s some weird but cool news. Someone from some library somewhere or the other had this extra copy of a booklet that they were going to chuck (it’s a sort of booklet thingie about the U) but they went and took a peek at our holdings first. Lo! Our booklet was missing so they sent theirs to us with a “Hey! We saw yours was missing. Enjoy!” note. Oddly cool that.

Does this already feel like an SAST or is that just my head speaking? At least I’m updating for the third time this week, don’t knock the SASTage.

Food! I did a hasty food plan Sunday night and then immediately screwed it up by making a chicken. Chicken was to be Monday’s meal but no. I had a chicken thing and instead of waiting one more day I tossed the sucker in my chicken roasting pot (squee!) and cooked it up for dinner. Ah well. I also discovered that our half bag o’ taters was on the verge of becoming sentient so I cleaned and prepped all 22 of them to go in with the bird. Well, really the bird roaster will only fit 8 spuds, 1.5 onions, a handful of carrots and a fryer. However, the oven will fit one potato laden fryer pot and 14 extra baked potatoes. We’re set for life on the baked tater front.

I might have also bought a 15 pound bag of potatoes for less that it costs to buy a holy Cinnamon Spice Mocha due to some wicked Kroger sales. I’m still overspending on the budget but sometimes you gotta pick up the BOGO ground chicken, you know? Plus lunchmeat at a dollar a package? SCORE! I think the only way I’m going to ever get down to $50 a week is to not go to Kroger’s every single time I shop. Oh right, and I also shouldn’t shop hungry. If you are wondering, the Nature Valley Sweet and Salty cashew bars are the BOMB while the vanilla nut crunchy granola bars are just pleasantly OK. Not that I succumbed and picked up a package of each…they were on the list! (I may have been standing in the granola aisle with a pen and my shopping list when they actually appeared on said list but hey…on the list is on the list right? Right!)

Hold on, this just in: Apparently the vanilla nut crunchy bars are exceedingly good with coffee. I stand corrected on their general eh-ness.

My hand is still the hurting from wrestling the fryer out of the freezer. Hrrumph. I feel like an 80 year old with arthritis but only in the fingers that fought with the bird. I also have a kitty paw shaped bruise on my thigh where the little kitty likes to climb up and sit when I’m sleeping. Why she has to always step on that one place and transfer all her weight to that one foot when she does so mystifies me. I wonder how that’s going to look when I next go to the doc for a check up. No honestly! The cat steps on me and bruises my leg!

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