And now…the weekend!

Which can pretty much be summed up by the title expression. And WoW (the game). Shortest entry ever, folks! See ya tomorrow.

OK, I’ll talk a little bit more about the weekend but only because nobody is updating and I have nothing to read on the net. I’m bored, people! Update! But no, every place I have bookmarked is mum…how am I supposed to entertain myself??!? So, because I feel for you other people out there who are also finding teh internets a vast wasteland of non updatage, here’s my weekend recap.

WoW (the game).

Heh. OK, I did do some other things (and stuff) non Warcraft related. Friday I had to head out after work to get TheMan some Chloroseptic (whatever) to help sooth his cranky throat. He had been battling something since Wednesday and finally succumbed to the newest spawned work sick Friday morning. They are plague central over there. I also had to pick up some sake and mochi for Saturday’s Girls Night In so I thought rather than go out Friday and Saturday, I’d do all the shopping at once. Everyone knows the best mochi comes from My Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store on the west side and hey! Right across the street is a Meijers. Bonus!

It’s never as simple as that on a Friday night smack dab in the prime of rush hour. It takes longer to get anywhere and you have to deal with the ten million other people who are stopping by to pick up a little something for dinner. Plus, it’s the end of the day and the last thing I want to do is negotiate a cart through a store full of stupid people. Arrrgh. I’m happy to say that I didn’t have to kill anyone this trip out. Apparently, the stupid people primarily come out Saturday and Sunday afternoons (when I typically go shopping) so although the store was packed with people, they were fairly orderly and moved along. More or less.

I grabbed the Chloroseptic, spinach (Bi Bim Bop and those filo dough spinach pies for the win!), mustard, several many bottles of wine (it was on sale) and I also may have gotten a googob of those Nature Valley Sweet and Salty granola bar things. Never go shopping hungry. On the other hand, pick you up some of those Sweet and Salty bars, they are the BOMB! I’d let you taste ours but…ummm…we don’t have any more. It was the aliens, see? They came and made off with all the bars we hadn’t yet eaten! No really!

A quick stop across the way for sake and mochi and I was homeward bound (at 7:30ish something or other). We must have played Warcraft the rest of the night. Or maybe I read a book and TheMan played Warcraft. Hows come I can never remember what we did on Friday?

Saturday we played the usual Horde characters and did things and stuff in game. I’m sure it was the height of “I can’t really remember what we did” fun. I was all geeked about the Girls Night In (sushi, sake, Memoirs of a Geisha and mochi!) but sadly, the Girls cancelled out on me with sicknesses and we wound up rescheduling the gig. Hrrumph. I ate my mochi in protest because I wanted to have sushi, damnit, and I wanted to watch Memoirs, damnit, and I was all primed to do it NOW and it wasn’t going to happen NOW and wahhhhh! I may have stomped around like a little two year old.

Sunday I spent the whole day cranky with a giant headache of doom. I got some Warcrafting in, but mostly I read and napped and was downright vile to the world in general. HATE! I didn’t even make the spinach pies or do laundry because I didn’t wanna and no one was going to make me, damnit. So yeah, pity TheMan for he had to live through that on Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, he agreed to order Chinese food on Sunday despite our struggling resolution to cut that sort of impulse buying out solely because I was having a thing and I wanted Chinese. Damnit. It was the best Chinese food ever (spicy garlic ginger chicken for the win!). Mmmm, my man loves me.

I can’t believe you spent all that time playing computer games when there was sun to sleep in!

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