Moldy, creepy and everything goes BOOM.

The Mold Wars

DAY 7, I think. This morning, the flared bowl was about 70% covered in mold while the roundy one was maybe 30%. Both look like they are drying out, however I wont water them today in hopes that the mold has less of a chance to take hold. Yeah, I’m playing favorites and rooting for the tea seeds.

Hee, I learned how to put lines and breaks in! HA! Take that Stupid invisible code writing pukey MS word program! At least I *think* I have learned it. I suppose I’ll know for sure when this posts no?

Book signing! We got to the Little Professors about 5:00ish and met up with Badmovie almost immediately. Neither TheMan nor I had thought to bring any of the oodles of books he has at home so we bought a couple of the new ones (The Wee Free Men and The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents) and one TheMan already had (Night Watch) which I suggested he buy again so he can get it signed. We can always sell or give away the other copy. Mr. Pratchett was only signing two books and seeings as both TheMan and I had only three books for the two of us, I volunteered to sign one of the several books Badmovie had brought. We got our ticket number to determine where in line we were (incidentally, Badmovie got ticket 0 because he got there earlier and was the first to think to ask how the store was planning on doing the while signing thing. Lucky bastard. TheMan and I got 40 and 41, I overheard someone talking about their ticket, 92, so there were at least that many if not a hand full more) and TheMan buzzed about with his camera to take pictures.

While taking Badmovie’s picture, I discovered that I was in line just ahead of a lady I had spotted who looked familiar. I had seen her about the store and it had been bugging me as to where I had seen her before. TheMan was clueless and no help so I sat and hemmed and hawed in my head until I just up and asked her if I knew her. You know “Hey, you look really familiar but I can’t place your face…where do I know you from?” thing. She was no help, although she agreed that I looked familiar to her as well. Two loonies in line or two future Alzheimer patients…you decide! We spent about five minutes going over our various and sundry circles, hoping something would trigger (“You know DefiniteMaybe?” , “Nope. You shop at blahdeblah store?”, “Nope. You watch anime?”, “Nope…”) and then we discovered we knew each other through a former coworker of mine. Ahhh! It’s lovely to not feel nuts in the head. I spent a good ten minutes talking with Julia and the other people in line until TheMan came back. No wonder he had no idea, the last time I would have had the opportunity to meet Julia was in 98 or so.

We inched our way up, took pictures of the fella in front of us for him (the dude’s own camera), had our pic taken by Badmovie, hung around and took pics of Joanna and two ladies from work who were also there and then went to eat. As a side note, Terry Pratchett is a really nice person, very amiable and chatty and a clever sort of chap. Hee! I guess he knew someone who knew the owner of the book store so this was an unannounced visit sorta. It was at least not well publicized. Mr. Pratchett had to be somewhere at 7 and around 6:50 the store owner asked him how he was doing for time and he said that he would finish the line but no more numbers should be given out. It made him late for his next gig but it was awfully nice of him to accommodate everyone. You gotta like a famous guy like that being all personable like. Ooo! I also get to add to my last (?) Friday Five about the brush with fame! I got to talk and have a short conversation with Terry Pratchett! Cool.

So, while TheMan played photographer dude, extraordinair, Joanna moseyed over with her posse of peeps to hang with us for a bit. I talked with Joanna but didn’t get a chance to make nice with the other three people she had buzzing about her. Not that I was dissing them, I just found myself at a loss for who they were and since it was pretty zooish at the store, I figured someone somewhere would either introduce themselves or slow down enough for me to nab them and introduce myself. We wound up outside making dinner plans and short one satellite peep. Turns out, no one knew the fourth guy, he just took a liking to Joanna and decided to hang with her (and on her and EW!). Creeeeeepy. The fella was giving off those “friend” vibes that friends of people give off. Man, that last sentence sounded pretty stupid no? Well, the dude was all of a body language where TheMan and I both assumed he was a good bud of Joannas. Nope, he was a CREEPY STALKER DUDE! Fortunately, we gave him the shrug off and had a good dinner sans creepy stalker peeps.

Heh, if you haven’t seen the Insane Crane Posse from Yesterday you can go take a peek at my newest wedding excursion. These fellas were made in the space of a half hour (total, not per bird) and represent FIVE WHOLE ORIGAMI DUDES out of the bazillion I have envisioned at the reception. I think I may revise the number as the wedding gets closer and the number of origami guys fails to meet set quotas. So these little dudes have been hanging out on the bug buffet for a day now (which must make for an odd tableau with Beenie Death sitting right next to them) but this morning I arranged them into a more photographic pose than their previous jumbled flopped on the dash mess. This is neither here nor there, save that on the drive in various birds would tip from wing to wing at different times.

Mostly it was Mister Blue Crane who was the least stable of the flock. We’d bump over a rough spot and Mr. Blue would go tick and fall onto its/his right wing. Then tick back onto the left when we rounded the corner. Sometimes, Mr. Yellow Crane would follow suit, but never at the same time resulting in a tick from Mr. Blue with a small pause and then tick from Mr. Yellow. Occasionally Mr. Beige would tick over and when Mr. Pink (why do I have to be Mr. Pink?) slid a bit he/it too started up the tick ticking. So my morning addled brain was watching this and thinking “Hey, that would be a cool idea for a kind of bomb thing where the wings closed the connections to the bomb circuits.”

Why my brain is thinking bombs in the morning I have no clue but there it was. TheMan, witnessing the same thing, though they would make excellent golems. Origami golems; enchant one piece of paper, write a message, fold it, the golem springs to life and flies to the recipient whereby it unfolds itself and expires. I got bombs, he has passenger paper. It these little differences that make a relationship so exciting!

2 Responses to “Musings”

  1. TheMan Says:

    If it’s any comfort, I had been thinking “that could be some kind of cool carpenter’s level, or some kind of clockwork gizmo…” before the Origami Golem idea hit.

  2. boo Says:

    …yeah, but you still didn’t think “Ooo, trigger switch!” first off.

    Heh, “Someone set us up the BOMB!” ..oh wait, it was me.