Tea For Two

…and mold for you!

And Pretz for everyone!

Old Moldy

Day 8 I think. I looked at the tea fellas and I can now start to measure the mold in inches. Before today there was a fine frost like covering of fluff that you could only really see if you held the bowls just right. Now, I have about 2 millimeters of fuzz growing on the flared bowl. The roundy one is still about a day behind so I expect that tomorrow I’ll have measurable growth on that one. I did water them just a bit. Hopefully the seeds will get their moisture while the mold wont get enough. Right.

We restocked the liquor cabinet today. TheMan got some Bombay Sapphire gin for his martini thing he has going along with some vermouth (Stock). I suppose he was getting tired of vodka martinis. I prefer the vodka ones only because I am under the firm opinion that there is little difference in taste between gin and mosquito repellant so you might as well just buy the Off or Cutters and drink that. It’s probably cheaper. Glah, gin is nasty. We also got some much missed scotch (Glenfidditch) and some Dramboui. Mmmm, Dramboui. OH, yeah, the five gallon thing of Baileys. Heh, you can never have too much Baileys.

BLEAH! TheMan just fired off a gin burp. Excuse me, I’m going to have to rummage the kitchen to find an equally repulsive something to eat so I can retaliate.

Pretz. That’s about as vile a munchie I can come up with, other than Chicken in a Biscuit which I can not abide by. My going to war does not mean I give up my standards of munching, I have some sense of decency. Besides, I have to taste whatever it is I am eating and I aint going to eat something repulsive just to manufacture a good burp. No burp is worth the pain of disgusting food. Now, if I had some liverwurst THAT would be a prime weapon. I happen to be a big fan of Braunschweiger and that stuff can get nasty. It smells worse than cat food. Mmmm, Braunschweiger and Wonder Bread sammiches.

Pretz. I mentioned them because we are currently eating the tomato flavored ones. It’s a Japanese food munchie thing we picked up a while back (Beer Pretz; in black or red!) for trying out over at the mumses. The black Beer Pretz were a black pepper flavored skinny breadstick sort of thing, although nowhere on the package did they give any indication as to what flavor they were going to be. You know, seasoned with black. The red turned out to be a spicy red pepper thing. Last Sunday we picked up Tomato Pretz, Salad Pretz and Chocolate Pretz. No beer.

I can’t tell you why Beer Pretz are Beer Pretz and why Tomato Pretz are not Tomato Beer Pretz (other than tomato beer sounds revolting) and what the difference is between the Beer Pretz and non Beer Pretz but I can tell you that all five flavors are pretty tasty. Tomato Pretz are sort of vaguely Italian spiced with a hint of tomato-y goodness. Salad Pretz were spicier (TheMan says “Sort of like a good salad dressing”) and Chocolate Pretz do not go well with beer. On their own they are pretty tasty, much like a chocolate biscotti but less on the chocolate flavor.

Hmmm, well I am not sure Pretz are going to work as my weapon of choice and since we have no liverwurst I think I am SOL for weaponry. Foo!

One Response to “Tea For Two”

  1. The Man Says:

    Chocolate Pretz might go well with Guinness… And a liverwurst and Wonder bread sammitch just isn’t complete without Velveeta and Plochman’s mustard.