I’m No Longer Amused By Snow

Dear Weather,

You have had all winter to snow to your heart’s content, an opportunity you failed to capitalize on for reasons known only to you. Now I see that you are trying to make up for lost snow time in the middle of March and this is not acceptable. If I were writing this in December or January or even February you might have cause for rebuttal since snow is supposed to happen during the winter months and I’d be crazy to complain when it did. However, we are fast approaching spring and you trying to meet your snow quota now is jeopardizing my blooming plants and pissing me off. If I do not see an immediate halt to this inappropriate behavior, there will be repercussions.



I have no idea what the weekend weather was about except it was kinda chilly on Friday and Saturday and I didn’t care what it was out on Sunday. I’ve had enough of cold.

TheMan and I went to TheRCK’s Amber game on Friday which necessitated a stop at Lucky Grocery or “My Something-or-other Favorite Little Asian Grocery Store”. What? We were marking time so we wouldn’t arrive early…where else are you going to kill 15 minutes? We didn’t get anything (because I was specifically looking for chocolate chocolate mochi for Girls night in, which they didn’t have. Again. The mochi, not the girls. Well, not that they didn’t have girls. They might have, but I wasn’t shopping for them. Or something. OK, let’s just rejoin the blog already in progress before I hurt my brain), but I did take note of yet another flavor of Pocky. This after I discovered two new flavors of Pretz a couple weeks ago.

We came, we played, we went home, we crashed. Then it was Saturday.

Saturday is WoW (the game) day, so we played WoW (the game) for the better part of the morning. It’s about the only day all four of us can regularly get together and play so we made it a scheduled thing. Look at us, all Meeting Maker with the Warcraft. Anyway, we usually play our high level Hoard team but lately we’ve been dinking around with the new guys. Well, except for me who has been dinking around with my stealth guy in the new guy group. Yeah, it’s confusing with all the Warcraft technobable but we basically have two working teams (High level guys and New Guy guys) and a fun concept idea of a group of Stealthy Guys. Someday we may have three working teams if we can find the time to level up our Stealth Guys while leveling up our New Guys and our High level guys plus the guys on the Alliance server. I don’t think I can physically play that much Warcraft.

After a short nap (mmmm, nap) I picked up LunarGeography and zoomed over to TheRCK’s place for sushi, sake and Memoirs of a Geisha. We had a good girls night out/in which ended at 1:30 in the morning. I must be getting old because I can remember the days when 1:30 was the time I started thinking I should plan to go to bed. Now-a-days 1:30 is about 1.5 hours after I should have been in bed already and it totally messes with my body the next day. Both ways, uphill, barefoot, in the snow…

Sunday was my slacker day from hell. I did some laundry, which was a complete surprise, and I rescued a spider from the washing machine, which was also a surprise. He’s either the world’s toughest spider, having survived the wash, rinse and spin cycles, or he parachuted in while I wasn’t looking. Either way, one does not expect to pull out a pair of pants and see a live spider scoot under the agitator.

Little Kitty says, “Shhhhh. Don’t wake me up until spring is truly here.”

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