Zzzzzzzz o’Clock

…and if today’s entry seems like some sort of segmented dream weirdness, well then it probably is.

I can not wake up today and circumstances are not helping. I drifted into semi-consciousness about four this morning to the dozy sound of rain pwocking off the roof so I was already in sleepy ‘not the hell getting up’ mode when the borg went off. Hey, guess what? It was still raining several hours later and all that rain noise wasn’t helping with the get ready for work thing that needed to happen. So hard get out of bed cozy rain happy pwock pwocking on roof. Yup, and rain is still happy pwock pwocking on the windows here at work so I’ve been eyeing my woobie and the dark cozy space under my desk and wondering if I can curl up and nap the rest of the day. Probably not.

So coffee was a must today, which dictated a stop at the Panera Bread Company. Good bagel things and munchie whatsits but their coffee is rather hit or miss. Today I got me a giganto sized cup of ASS, which has been giving me the stink eye for the past four hours as it sits on my desk half drunk. Man, cold ASS coffee is the hardest thing to slug down and the only reason I’m drinking it at all is because I’m thirsty and too lazy to get up and get me some hot water for tea. I even brought in some Lapsang Souchong so I have no idea why I haven?t already gotten a cup of dark smoky tea goodness other than I feel I ought to drink this toxic sludge I paid for. I suppose when I no longer can look the ASS coffee in the eye or I actually finish the cup I will then get some tasty tea. You know a day is going to drag when you are too lazy to get water but too revolted to tackle the rest of some cold ASS coffee.

Lastly, for some reason the lights outside my office either don’t work or they weren’t turned on so the hallway is all gloomy like. I think work is trying to tell me to go back to bed. Do you think I can use that excuse to go home? “Nope, I’m sorry, I can’t work anymore because the hallway keeps telling me to go to sleep.” I should try it and see how far I get. Heh!

Oh yeah, the great tea moldy why the hell do I bother report. It’s day 8 or 9 or something and I have mold, no sprouts and the pete moss looks dry again. At least the mold hasn’t advanced any, which is a good thing, but neither have the seeds, which really sucks. I’m going to give it a squirtch of water tonight and see how things go from there. I bet the seeds were dead before I even planted them. Either that or they accidentally put mold seeds in the packet. That could be a possibility, in which case things are going smashingly well.

This weekend TheMan and I accomplished our main goal of ” Sleep in! Oh yeah. Saturday the plans were 1. Sleep in. 2. Sleep in some more. 3. Whatever. I had made plans with Shar to go looking for brides maid things at about 2ish and that I did accomplish but it was one of those “If I get up and get rolling then I will mosey on over maybe” plans. We went here and there a bit and decided that brides maid stuff sucks so we cruised about on line and found something that will work. After about an hour of looking at this dress and looking at that dress I discovered they all started to pretty much look alike. I have a very short attention span for shopping, but in the end Shar found a place that does separates (yay Shar!) and we decided that one rather simple top with a cute lace up back and a plain long skirt thing would do the job. So that is accomplished. I have to e-mail the other two chicks and say “Hey! Look! Whaddya think?” and then wala! Another wedding thing knocked off the list.

I made some more insane cranes but biffed the pattern on a couple and they look?odd. I have been calling them Vande-cat cranes because they are all short and stubby looking and look just a little bit off. Oh, they look like cranes in the general sense of having wings and a head and tail and such but something about them is just not right. I think they offend the other posse members because at one point in time on the way home all of the normal looking cranes had moved around so they were all facing the Short Bus Crew. It looked like a weird death squadron formation bearing down on my ugly ducklings. “YOU! Yeah, you crane thing, prepare to DIE!”

So far, no casualties.

We did not get to looking at caterers this weekend but we got a chunk of the condo cleared out so I can’t complain. TheMan spent a good deal of Saturday cleaning and straightening up the upstairs so we can actually walk around and not whack into things. I was so highly impressed (and even the bathroom is all shiny! YAY TheMan!) that he was able to clear out the stack of junk clogging up the way that I made a new pact: I will organize something every time I have to go up stairs! It seemed like a good idea and for a while I was all about the picking things up, but then I hadn’t counted on bringing in all the rest of my books, which all went upstairs, as part of the deal. At least now about 75% of my books are unpacked and 100% of my books are shifted over to TheMan’s house.

I am rapidly running out of things to organize though without starting in on the gaming and reference books. We moved over my shelves and set them up in the kitty’s room with the notion that it would be a good place to store all the gaming books and the reference books. That was at the end of January or so and of course being empty shelves (because all my stuff wasn’t moved over so we couldn’t start the whole book shelf plan thing) they collected stuff. Now I have a ton of stuff to clear off before relocating books, all of which went upstairs (sort of a failure on my part to think before packing and separate the reference books from the reading books. Doah!). I do not want to start either end of the book shelf project so little bits of stuff is getting really organized upstairs as I put off the project as long as I can.

Remember Thursday, I think it was, when I wrote about the weird clothes thing going on? Well add to the sock, undies and shirt my very favoritest skirt ever. I was greatly saddened when I noticed some holes down near the hem in back and then when I was showing TheMan the sadness that was two holes in my skirt, I found a third. I officially retired the skirt from the work line up last week (complete with fanfare and a 21 gun salute) but I haven?t given up on it totally. I have hatched me a new plan that will utterly destroy the skirt for any other wearing but, hopefully, bring life to new skirts to come. Heh, the Phoenix Skirt Project! I got the wild hair up my arse that I could take apart the bestest skirt ever and use the pieces as a pattern to make one, two or a whole fleet of skirts just like it. Great idea but I have no know how what-so-ever about doing such a project other than to have heard that something of the ilk can be done. I have a sewing machine (that I have never really used) and I know where there is a fabric store (?ummm, yeah, so I’m looking for some fabric for a skirt. What kind? Uhh, the kind you wear? OH! What kind of fabric! Good question!) but that is the limit of my expertise in this area. Fortunately, Mom Q thought my plan had some merit and she can sew and stuff. I’m going to bring the favoritest skirt up north when we tootle on up there over memorial day weekend and hopefully I’ll have a new skirt or the know how to make a new one by the end of the visit. We shall see.

Also on the casualty list was one new dish cloth that split apart and a set of sheets that lost their grab. What’s with the clothes like things going all fooey as of late? I think my stuff is spring cleaning itself this year.

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