Hello Neighbor

Greetings all and happy Monday. It does not feel like a Monday to me at all…maybe more a Tuesday with possible branchings into Wednesday later on in the day. Fortunately, I have a 3 day work week so I’m not too bothered that time doesn’t seem to be staying put.

As far as weekend goes, Friday was the great film festival outing which I wrote about already. TheMan and I caught dinner before the show at the little Coney Island by the theater and somehow I managed to piss the food gods off something fierce. Seriously. Everything I ordered either didn’t come with this expected thing, or came with this unexpected thing to the point that I wondered if there even was a meal I might actually enjoy on the menu. I’m not that picky an eater but dudes, plain beets on a Greek salad just don’t cut it. Anyway, I finally went with a turkey Ruben sandwich and was immensely pleased when it arrived all old style. Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and 1K dressing for the win!

Oddly, the 1000 island dressing came on the side not on the sandwich. Is that a typical Coney Island thing?

Saturday we played Warcraft as usual. As unusual, one of the guild members who wasn’t one of the four of us, set up a guild event. Neat! They planned a whole level 10-19 Battlegrounds thing which would have been righteous if I had any toons in that level range. Well save the one toon that I abandoned sometime last year because I really don’t like the class. However, it was nice to see other people who aren’t us plan events so I sucked it up and logged on as my naked, stripped down shammy and joined into the forray.

Hooooo was I fetid. I sucked so bad I drove myself off a cliff trying to figure out what the different shiny pictures on my spell bar were. I was pushing this button, poking that button, rearranging these other buttons in the middle of an ongoing Battleground. Healing? I have healing? Cooooool. So yeah, I was teh suxxor of the excursion but I had fun. I may have even figured out some of the shammy spells. Maybe. It’s all about the neat sound effects right?

We spent most of Saturday being lazy which meant that I had to do my lilac hacking on Sunday or not at all. The damn thing has started to bud already and I won’t be here this weekend to chopper it down. I don’t want to kill it, necessarily, just prune it back severely to see if that revitalizes Zombie Lilac from Hell and these are the two weekends for that sort of trimming. Unfortunately, Zombie Lilac has seen fit to grow over onto our neighbor’s yard so before any implements were brandished, I had to mosey next door and talk with them about the whole hack and slash fest. Well I guess I didn’t have to but it’s never a good idea to have your neighbor’s first impression of you be “That Crazy lady who hacked down the lilac bush which was the selling point of the house”.

Ugh, but I was feeling antisocial. I didn’t waaaaaaaant to talk to the neighbors! [cue foot stomping here] But if the bush was coming out this year, it had to be this weekend which meant I had to suck it up and go meet the neighbors. So this I did.

They had their door open so I politely knocked on the screen door and waited for the older lady inside to acknowledge me. Which she didn’t. I knocked again, figuring she didn’t hear me, and she looked up from her rummaging around. I waved and smiled at her and began preparing my whole Zombie Lilac speech for when she put down her things and came to the door. Which she didn’t. Instead she promptly turned around and disappeared into the back of the house somewhere.

Well then.

A long awkward pause later, a fella popped out of the house and I got to meet my actual neighbor. Apparently, his soon to be mother in law was over helping with the move in (and ignoring the door). It turns out my new neighbor is a very nice fella with all sorts of yard plans for his new house, one of which included asking us if we minded him mowing down a certain scraggly ass lilac bush. Bonus.

After meeting the neighbors, we zoomed over to Mumses and Mr. Paul’s for the March Madness Birthday celebration. We got to snack on the best corn and bean salsa on the face of this earth, courtesy of Mumses’ neighbor, and also the hottest damn green sauce from the same guy. Mr. Paul made…chicken something. I’m not sure it ever came out with a formal name or not but it was tasty. And then we had cake.

I think mumses has finally gone off the deep end with her Costco/Sam’s Club love. The birthday cake was this delicious chocolate mousse birthday cake that was oh so chocolaty and deliciously mousse-y and also two feet long. Yes indeed, my mumses had picked up a sheet cake of chocolaty doom for the six of us. A sheet cake! That’s either 22 inches of leftover cake or everyone gets dished a 72 square inch piece of cake. That’s a 12×6 piece of cake (among other dimensions) incase you are wondering.

We opted for the 22 inches of leftover cake but that did create the problem of having 22 inches of leftover cake to deal with. I didn’t want it in my house, Sis wasn’t taking it home with her and Mumses and Mr. Paul could never eat that much cake before it went sentient. Fortunately, I have hungry coworkers so I wound up gifting them with chocolate cake (yay) today. Alls well that ends well. And chocolate.

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