March 2007 Green Report

Oh like you haven’t been wondering when I’d pull out one of these entries. Well, today is your lucky day. It’s been that kind of warm and nice that makes all us gardener peoples (or in my case, people with aspirations of being a gardener) look longingly out at our dirt piles and say “What can I plant there?” Not only did I do a little garden boogering around, but I took a camera with me. Pretty.

The first order of business was to ignore all the leaf crap and scrudge that nested in my gardens over the winter. That was pretty easy to do so I did. Genius! Although I’m going to have to actually get some of those lawn bags and get down to business in the next couple of weeks. The weather is too unstable to plant anything yet, but it’s certainly nice enough to descum the beds. Ummm…yay?

I went around to take a peek at my tulips and/or daffodils that had sprouted and found these…

which are neither. Apparently, I have hyacinths. Huh. I don’t particularly want hyacinths in my side garden but something somewhere decided that I really ought to have a few (dozen) of them and lo! Spring came around and the bulbs popped up where they had been planted. By some maniacal garden designing squirrel I’m thinking. Anyway, I had been planning on putting in a bulb garden on the other side of the house (right side garden that wraps around to the porch) and look! Bulbs. Serendipitous. So for the moment, these fellas are chilling until I can transplant them.

Speaking of bulbs, crocus! These fellas will stay put in the easement unless I decide to make an herb garden out of it. Hey, less mowing. I might still keep the crocuses (croci?) in the easement but bunch them up in an herb garden square or something. I’m not going to worry about it because road side herb garden is not on this year’s docket.

My one crazy rose seems to be having a grand time sprouting all rosey like. I was mighty please to see him survive the winter and actually gettin on with the spring budding. This was the rose bush cutlet that bloomed one crazy rose bloom after I got it to root last year. Whooo you go you crazy rosebush cutlet! Sadly, the first time I was tootling around the garden I wasn’t able to find his/her/its counterpart rose cutlet (which was much more demure about the whole budding from a cutting thing) under all the mulch.

Today? Score! I spent about 10 minutes disturbing mulch until I found this wee bitty fella, who also seems to have survived. YAY Crazy rose cuttings! I revised my plan a little for both front rose gardens and I’m going to be transplanting two of the four roses that are currently in the finished garden. Well, not exactly finished because the roses I’m removing will be replaced with roses I haven’t yet bought but whatever. Better garden planning a year after putting stuff in is always the best.

Lastly, here is one of the sadder pictures from today. This little fella is part of the lilac carnage and is trying to bud its last gasp bud for the survival of the tree/shrub/bush/whatever. The lilac monster got itself completely hacked down today, courtesy of TheMan and his very manly chain saw, but I ran out of lawn bags to deal with the detritus. Ergo my front lawn still has the unsightly tangle of lilac, all mounded up in a giant ugly pile of brush, and also a stubbly messy field of lilac sticks and dirt where the brush formerly was a crazy ass Frankenlilac. We are those neighbors, I’m afraid.

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